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With the recent Super Bowl trailer released there's a resurgence of speculation for the upcoming [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). This film has become the most anticipated Marvel movie since The Avengers and we have more heroes slated to appear than we did in last year's [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035). We've been told that this film will change the Marvel Cinematic Universe forever, and one thing rife with speculation is: who will die? It seems likely that at least one Avenger will meet their demise in this story, as there is too much fighting for everyone to make it out alive!

If you missed the Super Bowl trailer, or want to watch it for the hundredth time, here you go:

Between this mini-trailer and the first that was previously released, there seems to be no shortage of violence between Team Cap and Team Iron Man. It seems likely that at least one Avenger will be exiting the MCU, but who?

I'll keep everything to conjecture only, no spoilers unless you click on them!

Black Panther - 0%

Black Panther is making his long awaited debut in the MCU in Civil War, and since he has a solo film due for 2018, I don't think it's too much of a stretch to assume there is 0% chance that Black Panther will die. In fact, it wouldn't be too presumptuous to assume that Panther will become an anchor for the MCU as we move into the future and take the place of other iconic heroes like Captain America and Iron Man as the focus shifts away from them and they either die or "retire."

Ant-Man - 10%

Scott Lang appeared as the lead in 2015's Ant-Man, and will be joining up with Team Cap in Civil War. We've already seem him go up against current Avenger Falcon and win, so it'll be exciting to see what he brings to the team in this superhero stand off! Ant-Man has a sequel scheduled for 2018 titled Ant-Man and the Wasp. Some have suggested that Scott Lang could die in Civil War just as Goliath did in the 'Civil War' comic, however it seems extremely unlikely that Marvel would introduce such a huge and successful character only to kill him off immediately. I suppose if they did in Ant-Man and the Wasp, it could potentially be about Hope van Dyne and her father Hank Pym but it seems extremely unlikely!

Vision - 10%

Vision is one of our newest additions to the MCU, and he's currently in possession of one of the Infinity Stones which powers his body. It's very unlikely that Vision will die in Civil War so soon after being introduced! His character came to life at the climax of Age of Ultron and with an Infinity Stone in his forehead we can assume he'll have a huge part to play in the upcoming two-parter Avengers: Infinity War, I think we can expect to see more of the android!

Scarlet Witch - 20%

Another character recently introduced in Age of Ultron is the Scarlet Witch who started out as a Hydra villain, became a sidekick of Ultron, but ultimately redeemed herself and became an Avenger. It seems unlikely that the Witch will be killed in Civil War, not only because of her newcomer status, but because we have a lack of female characters, and I think it would be a mistake to kill off such a major heroine before she is explored.

However, it has been confirmed through 'Hashtag Show' that Elizabeth Olsen is one of several actors to film a death scene for Civil War. This does not guarantee her death, but this tactic is commonly used to throw off the chances that a film in its entirety will be spoiled to the public. For Age of Ultron, Jeremy Renner filmed a death scene for Hawkeye that would have swapped his death for Quicksilver's, but it was ultimately unused.

Plus I'm still holding out hope that Wanda and the Vision will have a chance to explore their iconic romance on film as they did in the comics before either of them exit the MCU.

Iron Man - 25%

Tony Stark has been the face of Marvel. He's become one of the most popular superheroes of all time and has been largely responsible for the shape and popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since Civil War is technically a Captain America film, we can expect it to largely depict Cap's journey through this fight of superhero factions, thus giving the viewer the feel that Stark is in the wrong. Not a villain necessarily, but that he's taken the wrong position against Rogers. It seems to me that if his arc ends here and Iron Man died while we had this view of him, this would ruin Iron Man for all the fans. We can live with and understand that Iron Man is in the wrong, but eventually (whether in this film or a future film) we'll need to see Iron Man repent and attempt to make up for it somehow.

Winter Soldier - 40%

There's no doubt how crucial Bucky is to the plot of the Captain America trilogy, and if you re-watch Captain America: The First Avenger you can see that his large role was fairly obvious from the beginning!

As we see more and more footage of Captain America: Civil War, Bucky gets more and more action! In this new trailer we see him pulling a gun point blank at Stark who's out of the Iron Man suit. I think it unlikely that Bucky will meet his demise in Civil War, and I still believe that eventually he'll take up the shield and become the new Captain America when Steve either dies, or Chris Evans no longer wants to play the character. It does seem unlikely that his character's arc can be over, we still need to see some sort of extreme redemption. However, if Stark and Panther are both out for revenge against Bucky for the potential death of their parents, it is possible that film will end with them getting what they want, which would ultimately force the Avengers into permanent separate teams as I see no way Steve would forgive Tony for Bucky's death.

Falcon - 60%

Anthony Mackie has done a great job of bringing this lesser known character to the big screen. He first appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, had a minor appearance in Age of Ultron and had an amazing cameo in Ant-Man!

Mackie has been very vocal about his love for the character and his hopes to work with Marvel for as long as he can. While it would be unfortunate if his character was killed off in Civil War, I also think it would be an extremely profound death as the story is set around Cap trying to protect his pal Bucky. What if the entire time he's trying to do what he can for Bucky he screws up and Falcon ends up in the crossfire and killed instead? It would be tremendously hard for Cap if anyone was killed on either side — but Falcon, who was with him when he could trust no one? That would kill Rogers, and in the original trailer we see Cap and Bucky giving Iron Man some pretty heavy shots. What gets them so angry? could it be that Falcon was killed?

Mackie is another of the characters that was confirmed to have filmed a death scene for Civil War by the YouTube channel 'Hashtag Show,' but just like Wanda it could be a red herring to throw fans off if the scenes ever did leak.

Hawkeye - 70%

Even though Hawkeye seemed to retire to his farm and family at the end of Age of Ultron something is forcing him into choosing sides in Captain America: Civil War. I can't figure out what would bring him back, and what his motivations are for choosing Team Cap. Did Stark threaten to bring him in? Threaten to take away his secret family farm? Hopefully it's not because his wife and kids are killed brutally like they were in the Ultimate comics story line!

Hawkeye was a huge part of Age of Ultron. We met his wife and children, and he seemed to have a pretty happy ending with the new baby and his "retirement." I'm excited to bring the character back, but what else can we do with Hawkeye? Not only that but Jeremy Renner has such a busy schedule I'm surprised he was able to come back for Civil War. Originally he was supposed to film a scene for Winter Soldier, but the timing was bad and it never happened. Between Renner's schedule, Hawkeye's fulfilled arc, and the fans' emotional tie to him, he would be another impactful death in Civil War. He has friends on both sides of the fight, and if anything happened to him it would be strongly felt by both teams. Part of me would like to see the continuing human side emerge with Widow, and her partner's death would definitely bring out that side in her, and possibly even motivate her to switch to Team Cap?

Black Widow - 75%

Widow has become a fan favorite and even though her casting announcement back for Iron Man 2 was controversial, Scarlett Johansson has been wonderfully amazing as the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent! While she was fine in Iron Man 2, the scene that really stands out is her "interrogation" at the beginning of The Avengers!

Johansson was brought into the MCU before Thor and Captain America and has been a staple throughout the series. If she were to die it would greatly impact the fans. We loved her in Winter Soldier and we really saw a human side of her in Age of Ultron. We know that both Cap and Stark think of her as a friend, and even though she's sided with Iron Man there are many of us who believe she's either a spy for Team Cap or she'll end up switching sides.

While I don't want Widow to die, I do think that her death would make so much sense! It would impact both sides of the war and could even end their feud! Other than Captain America himself, Black Widow's death would affect fans the most. Another thing to consider is that Johansson makes a ton of money, in Age of Ultron she made more than Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth by earning the largest salary of anyone other than Robert Downey Jr. While I don't have a problem with her making that much, I wouldn't be surprised if that is taken into consideration when the studio has to decide who will be killed off.

War Machine - 80%

Rhodey has been around since the beginning of the MCU and with Civil War he'll have appeared in five of its films. War Machine has been prominently in the Civil War advertising and both trailers have gone out of their way to show us that he is extremely injured and Stark leaning over him deeply concerned. Would they give away such a major death in the trailers? Probably not, but Rhodey's death makes a lot of sense! We have no more planned Iron Man films announced, and even though he could appear any time in the MCU he has only appeared as Iron Man's sidekick. What better way to piss of Iron Man than to kill his best friend? In a sense it would be poetic for Stark's best friend to die as they fight over Roger's best friend.

While Rhodey's death seems likely, there are two things that don't have me convinced. Firstly, I don't believe they'd give it away in the trailers, and second if Bucky becomes the new Captain America as we believe he'll need Stark's support and trust. This won't happen if he's in any way responsible for Rhodey's death. Many fans, including myself, believe that Bucky was responsible for Stark's parents death under his torture and brainwashing from Hydra. I do believe that Stark will be able to forgive this as he learns that Bucky had no control, however now that he's regained control if Rhodey were to die I don't think there could be that same forgiveness.

War Machine is another confirmed character who has filmed a death scene, making it Falcon, War Machine and Scarlet Witch. It's very unlikely all will die, and that one or more are red herrings so that fans will still be surprised while at the movie.

Captain America - 90%

I know that many people will disagree with me on Captain America's potential death in his own film, and some will argue that Chris Evans is still contractually obligated to return once more. You're right, he is. However there are other ways Cap can return. We still haven't seen the time stone yet. That could easily come into play somehow. It could end up in Stark's hands during Avengers: Infinity War and send him back in time. I would hope that instead of using it to go back in time and resurrect Cap that Stark goes back to seek forgiveness and still allows history to play out. Sometimes dead characters need to stay dead so that death actually has meaning. It would be really touching to see the two communicate in the past and clear their heads before Stark goes back into the future with a resurgence of determination to destroy Thanos.

I don't want Cap out of the MCU, and Chris Evans has been absolutely amazing as the super soldier. However, I do believe that it will be a poignant and strong way to end the film. What I do want to see is Rogers willing to do anything to exonerate and protect his friend Bucky.

One thing we have to consider is: How will this film end? Does one side win over the other? If so, how is a victor decided? It seems that if Cap is killed that would end the war pretty fast. I have a very strong feeling this film isn't going to end on the happiest of notes like the previous MCU films, and Cap's death would be felt by every character, and every fan. What a way to change the MCU forever!

There you have it, my theories and predictions on who will die in Captain America Civil War. Do you agree or disagree? Tell me below!


Who do you think will die?


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