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Ok first this is just a theory not fact.

Alright so all Moon Knight fans big or small know that Spector suffers from D.I.D. (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and has in the past taken the identity of Wolverine, Captain America and Spider-Man, and also dressed up as Bulls-eye and Spider-Man but has yet to take on the full on approach like Hush from Batman but back on topic.

So you might recall when a reporter from Cairo was mentioned from Jasper Sitwell in The Winter Solider. Now exploring that aspect, remember in Iron Man 3 when Tony Stark runs into that cameraman, and then Gary (the cameraman) went on to say to say that he drawn a tattoo of Stark based on a doll he made even going on to say that he styled his whole look on Stark, something that Moon Knight would do... and who is this Gary?

Adam Pally

Adam Pally you may played Max Blum in Happy Ending and Peter Prentice in The Mindy Project as his two long running shows.

I know this is a single stringed theory and I don't like this theory but I thought of it and had to share.

Thanks for reading.


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