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I'd like to first point out that, no, it's not all 2016 super-hero movies that I'm not as excited about now as I was January 1st. Deadpool, X-Men: Apocalypse, and Dr. Strange all look fun (though we have little to go on with the latter so far, which is both a good and bad thing). Yet, the closer we get to March and May, the more I realize that I'm not nearly as hyped or excited about "Dawn of Justice" or "Civil War" as I originally perceived.

For starters, the third "Captain America" movie kind of lost me at it's subtitle: "Civil War." Though I'm about to lose a significant amount of readers saying this, I'll happily admit that the original Civil War comic was not one I enjoyed, nor one I thought was that good. Did it have lasting effects? Of course. Was the main story great? Oh, no. It had so many problems, not the least of which being that the people we're supposed to be rooting for are actually the villains, and Iron Man's side of Pro-Registration was the real heroes. Not to mention the needless violence, the utter stupidity of bringing in villains as heroes, and the deaths that happened and were regretted by all parts.

Everyone I've spoken with about this has defended the third "Cap" movie in that it's only "Civil War" in title and bare-minimum concept. But, conceptually, it's still needless violence. It is so obvious that Bucky is being framed by someone. Why not trust Captain America? While everyone else was completely trusting of S.H.I.E.L.D., he was the one that knew something was up. He was right about them. He was also right about the destructive power Vision is capable of. Who can stop him, really? Hulk is gone, Thor is gone, Iron Man isn't strong enough. Steve Rogers is probably smartest moral character in the MCU and is our hero, but, technically speaking, we need to be rooting against him. We need to all be Team Iron Man to bring the big bad Captain America down, since he's a vigilante. Thunderbolt Ross is the vigilante. Tell him to go track down someone else instead of casting blame at Bucky. Let him stay with Steve.

For me, it all boils down to the needless idea that heroes need to fight each other, as if this is something new and groundbreaking. It isn't, and it's a horse that's been beaten to death in comics to the point that several readers are sick of the concept, myself included. Who would win in a fight between Captain America and Iron Man? Who cares! I wanna see who would win in a fight between Captain America and someone like Red Skull, or Ultron, or name any other villain that we've had. True, the MCU hasn't had the greatest villains ever, but at least they're the bad guys.

As a transition into the next movie, which actually comes out first, I'll remind you that Jeremy Iron's Alfred Pennyworth points out to Bruce Wayne that Superman is not his enemy. And he is right. But the idea behind Batman and Superman fighting is actually acceptable here. With something like "Civil War," there's no need for all the other Avengers to get involved. If there has to be a fight, let it be between Tony and Cap and be done with it. Fine, whatever, no other characters have been built up for a stand-off. I'll (begrudgingly) be okay with it. But Batman and Superman?

Batman saw Kal-El ripping through buildings, destroying homes and potentially thousands of lives. Superman is only acting in self-defense against this madman dressed in a bat-suit. It's a personal feud as Bruce Wayne, as Batman, sets out to take down what he perceives as, and does have proof of, a threat against the human race. Superman is still new to this, and Batman has seen people with far less power do just as dangerous things. Steve knows Bucky hasn't been himself, and Tony, as his friend, should trust him and tell Thunderbolt Ross to go screw off and go back to his own movie. Bam. Conflict solved, go find Baron Zemo with the New Avengers (and something about Spider-Man or whatever).

Now, the Suicide Squad worries me on the premise that it might try to do too much and go too far. It just looks...weird. The first trailer looked fantastic, it didn't show too much. The same can be said for "Dawn of Justice" it showed just enough to get you intrigued. "Who is the creature the Trinity is fighting?" "What's Lex Luthor doing with Zod's body?" Then the second trailer sort of revealed...everything. The Suicide Squad trailer doesn't reveal everything, but we do see more of the squad and the jokes do fall flat. Harley's little joke about voices in her head felt forced as anything.

The thing about the Suicide Squad is that it looks great. Margot Robbie looks like Harley, Will Smith like a good-enough Deadshot, and you get the rest (except Jared Leto's Joker, why the tattoos again? He doesn't look like the Crown Prince of Crime at all, he looks like some gangster bleached himself...which is dumb). The execution is where I begin to worry. DC is going to (without saying it) push this like their version of Guardians of the Galaxy, which is fine. But with that, it wasn't taking itself as seriously as DC movies tend to do.

With the release of more information on these films, it seems like my hype for these movies is waning. The trailers show too much, and the premises just aren't as strong as they're initially presented once you get to thinking about them. I really hope I'm wrong, but, man am I growing more worried by the day for these three movies. DC has to hit it out of the park with "Dawn of Justice" and Cap 3 needs to do fantastic to sell me on the "Civil War" aspect, as well as do justice to newcomers Black Panther and Spider-Man.

And please, Jared Leto Joker: don't suck. Please?


A concerned comic fan sick of heroes needlessly fighting each other over stupid government squabbles and trailers that spoil movies.


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