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Backwards Compatibility Leaked Early For Xbox One For One Glorious Day

As you may have heard Red Dead Redemption was recently leaked and made available for download on Xbox One, although you had to jump through a few hoops to get it. Now, Red Dead being my favorite game of all time period I jumped all over it the moment I figured out how to get it. I got very limited play time last night. Before I quit I took this pic with my phone, and sent it to my writing partner, Mark.

Yes I took it with my phone. I didn't know!!
Yes I took it with my phone. I didn't know!!

I went to bed so I could start the whole journey of Red Dead over today, and do my 1,000th play through of the story. Alas my friends my dreams were dashed when I booted up my Xbox One today, and realized I could no longer play it, it had been patched. IT WAS GONE!

Impermanence sucks
Impermanence sucks

Prophet or Madman? Mighty Dale Predicts.

As unfortunate as this was, I believe there’s something bigger in the works over at Rockstar. I'm talking about the long anticipated sequel,. Or I might be full of shit, I don’t know. What I’m thinking is that the reason Rockstar pulled RDR from Xbox One, and is making everybody wait for the official announcement ,is due to an impending sequel announcement. It would make sense to go along with the official backwards compatibility announcement.

There are a few ways this makes sense so let’s jump down the rabbit hole.

  • There have been rumors recently about a RDR sequel being announced at E3 in June. How the fuck does that make any sense?! Rockstar NEVER shows up at E3, they don’t need to.
  • Another possible piece of evidence is that Take-Two owns both 2K and Rockstar, and Take-Two has no big titles launching in 2016, or none that they’ve announced. A sequel to Red Dead would be a guaranteed blockbuster.

Given how well received Red Dead Redemption was (multiple game of the year awards, awards for the score, and multiple others), a sequel is a no brainer.

Fans have been waiting for a RDR sequel for a long time. A 2016 release would make sense. considering its been 6 years since RDR’s release, and if you look at the GTA series Rockstar tends to take somewhere around 4-5 years between large franchise installments. A 2016 release date would be right on par, if not a bit overdue.

So hopefully along with the backwards compatibility we get a sequel announcement, or at the very very bare minimum , an announcement for a remaster of Red Dead Redemption.

Please Rockstar, give us something as far as this franchise goes, anything.


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