ByJordyn Mishelle Matthews, writer at

Ok soooo... let's start with pulling Mulan out and on the front of being unfit for this "idea". As well as pull pocahontas out too. These two women should be the first to show you a contradiction in this post. Pocahontas would of been a women of hard labor, whether we see the real version or the Disney version, we can clearly see her picking food and canoeing down a stream in the movie which is probably a small portion of what the real woman actually did. Sorry but that will cause callouses girl, dont believe me? Take the canoe ride at Disneyland. Mulan was not a princess nor a worker, she was a soldier at one point and waving that sword around and fighting in a war against men would cause harm. More so than scrubbing down floors, if anyone these girls need gloves. The women who have gloves on, represent their time eras. Cinderella was from the fifties were class was everything and gloves came with expensive gowns. Tiana was from the flapper Era which also came with gloves. Belle was from the early nineties where people were still stuck on eighties but missing the high class life that came with the grunge era, and reminiscing princess diana. Come on people. Then let's bring in Snow White, someone from childhood who was made to clean the castle her whole life, why doesn't she get gloves if this is suppose to fit here.


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