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So now that the Super Bowl has passed, we comic book fans have time to geek out over all the new footage that was released. In this article I'll be giving you my top 3 moments from the [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) TV spot.

Before you go any further, if you haven't seen the TV spot you can watch it here.

3. Iron Mans got some new tech

From the first time Iron Man appeared in his first solo film, all the way up to this TV spot, his tech just gets better and better. Iron Man doesn't have physical abilities like Captain America or Black Widow so, to see him with something like this is not only cool but, very smart (obviously).

2. "You chose the wrong side"

Now, this scene is awesome for a couple reasons. The first one being how it shows the team work that Captain America and Winter Soldier have developed and, the second one being Iron Mans quote. "You chose the wrong side". Now this could very well be edited to make it look like he's talking to Cap and Bucky but, either way it's awesome.

1. The War has begun

And of course we have the last shot of the TV spot with both teams coming face to face. I like how it shows the seriousness on everyone's face. Well, the ones without masks that is. Not to mention this TV spot gave a much darker feel to the movie. There wasn't much talking going on either so it seems like everyone in this movie isn't playing around. Or, maybe the trailer was edited that way haha but, either way this footage was epic!

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