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As sadly this past month, January 14, 2016 when Alan Rickman tragedy death passed away at age 69 years old after his suffered his cancer and fans misses him and so decide for US fans might wanna see his first animated film is to plan release again to show in US theatres in public and sell tickets as first hit in the US theatres for the page tribute to ALAN RICKMAN animated movie as this once more,and discuss with producer to hire some of the popular artists that would cover song in new voice to rerecord the song in same lyrics and same music for new rerecording soundtrack as

"I'M LITTLE YELLOW FISH" by: New Rerecord as "TAYLOR SWIFT", (adapted from "Creamy" and "Little Trees",

"OCEAN LOVE" by New Rerecord as "MIRANDA LAMBERT", (adapted from "Eddi Reader"),

"DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC" by New Rerecord as "OLLY MURS" (adapted from "Loona"),

"SUDDENLY" by New Rerecord as "ADELE" (adapted from "Slovieg")

for the new rerecord for the reenhance for new rerecord soundtrack for reedit for the reshowing "HELP! I'm A Fish" and to RENAME title as


in Disney 3D"

"A Potion Puts Them In The Ocean"


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