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Suicide Squad is gonna be awesome. We've got a bunch of villains-turned-antiheroes in what director David Ayer is calling a superhero movie game changer. As one of DC's more popular characters, it's no surprise that Harley Quinn is subtly being positioned as the most important character in the movie. This is definitely clear from the second trailer, which shines a spotlight on Harley Quinn in particular...

Now a few more promotional posters have been released, which feature the minx front and center in all her manic-grinning, sugarcoated, violent glory!

Does Harley Quinn Lead Task Force X?

Up until now, it seemed that Will Smith's Deadshot was the one to take up the role of team leader: In all the trailers thus far, he'd been the one to call the shots. But this new poster has us wondering whether Harley Quinn might actually be more of a leader than we first thought...

New Suicide Squad poster
New Suicide Squad poster

Harley is positioned front and centre, with Deadshot peering over her bat. Sharing the spotlight is Katana, who continues to be one of the more mysterious characters of Task Force X (in the comics, Katana is actually a hero rather than an antihero, and a member of the Birds Of Prey, as well as Batman's black ops unit).

With Harley's unpredictable nature, and tendency to pause during missions for a bit of light theft, it's unlikely that she's actually the one to lead the team.

But this poster makes one thing clear: If there's a lead protagonist in this ensemble film, it's definitely Harley. This is actually something that David Ayer has been hinting at for a while now...

"[Suicide Squad] is about Harley breaking free of The Joker and becoming this fully actualized, independent person. That really is a metaphor for everyone’s journey here."

Although it features a cast of villains, Suicide Squad seems to be a story of redemption, and no-one deserves this more than Harley. Having said that, we shouldn't write her off as a helpless victim...

The Clown Princess Packs A Punch!

In the other new poster, Harley Quinn looks ready to do some damage with that baseball bat of hers...

Harley Quinn's solo poster
Harley Quinn's solo poster

Her trusty bat might be a bit of a step down from the giant mallet she wields in the comics and Injustice game, but there's no doubt she'll use it to inflict serious pain. Although Suicide Squad will delve into Harley's backstory — and her difficult relationship with The Joker — Margot Robbie is keen to assure fans that Harley is one of the most terrifying members of Task Force X.

"Harley is creepy, violent, crazy — all of the things that I aspire to be!"
Harley Quinn's ready to do some damage.
Harley Quinn's ready to do some damage.

This is fantastic news. As long as Harley Quinn is the unpredictable, brutal, explosive character we know and love, Robbie's portrayal will be the perfect representation of her. And we can't wait to see it!


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