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A Finnish-Swedish film student known as The Nameless Doll has created a brilliant mashup music video that reimagines The Little Mermaid's Prince Eric and Anastasia's Dimitri falling in love and sharing a life together.

The fanvid, entitled 'You Are My Spouse Now,' expertly weaves its way through the narratives of The Little Mermaid and Anastasia, and pieces together a beautiful, heartbreaking storyline spanning decades — from their first dance, to their first fear of losing each other.

And, seeing as Eric is from Disney and Dimitri is from 20th Century Fox, their love has a little forbidden twist. We're bridging some star-crossed boundaries here, folks!

Plus, there's a montage.

AND, they start an enviably adorable life together with two daughters who are in fact Lilo from Lilo & Stitch and young Jane from Return To Neverland.

Check it out!

And they lived happily ever after...

Would you like to see more same-sex relationships in Disney movies?

Source: MTV


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