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With a global audience of hundreds of millions, commercial breaks during the Super Bowl are one of the most desirable opportunities for advertisers to gently thrust their product into the spotlight.

One of the highlights from yesterday's selection was a by-product of a partnership between Marvel and Coca-Cola. Together, they've produced a 60 second ad selling a newer and smaller can of the brown stuff.

To illustrate the case that, sometimes, smaller is better, Marvel's most minuscule Ant-Man does on screen battle with the gigantic Hulk.

As Ant-Man Finds Out, You Don't Want To Make Bruce Banner Angry

The commercial starts with our Anty superhero stealing Banner's sugary, syrupy liquid. This sends Banner into a metamorphic rage, and starts off an epic can chase.

It Looks Good, And It Should — Each 30 Second Ad Spot At The Superbowl Costs $5 Million

Yep, that means this 60 second chase cost an eye-watering $10 million, which probably goes some way to explaining why the two illustrious brands teamed up together (Captain America and Iron Man — take note).

Oh, and that's not even taking into consideration how much the commercial cost to produce.

Unfortunately For The Hulk, When He Eventually Catches Up With Ant-Man, His Massive Digits Render Him Incapable Of Cracking The Can Open

So The Amiable Ant-Man Gives A Helping Hand And Opens The Can

And In The End, The Pair Live Happily Ever After

Or, something along those lines. And yeah, it is cheesy. And yeah, maybe Marvel has sold out a little... But come on, it's still pretty fun, right?!

Check out the $10 million ad in all its glory below:

The Ad Is Part Of A Wider Partnership Between Coca-Cola And Marvel

The above tweet shows a sample of the special edition cans that are being released to promote Captain America: Civil War.

Unfortunately, we won't get to see the Hulk in action, but Ant-Man will be fighting on behalf of team Captain America in the movie.

If the above commercial has whet your appetite, don't forget Civil War will be released on May 6th, 2016.

Did You Enjoy The Marvel Super Bowl Commercial?

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