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A few stars of HBO's seminal TV series The Wire (correctly referred to as the best show ever created) have reunited for a sneaky stealth reunion in the unlikely forum of a Super Bowl ad for Prius.

James Ransone, Chris Bauer, and Pablo Schreiber, who all played members of the Polish criminal Sobotka family in Season 2 of the show can be seen hot-tailing it away from trouble in a red Toyota Prius after robbing a bank in the ad, and it seems like they have lost just a little bit of their nefarious finesse:

And because time can be a cruel mistress, below is a recap of just exactly who these dudes played, in case you're having trouble placing them.

James Ransone

Who was he in 'The Wire?' Ziggy Sobotka

How You Might Remember Him: That weird dude who got a duck so drunk that he killed it.

Chris Bauer

Who Was He in 'The Wire?' Frank Sobotka

How You Might Remember Him: For getting on the wrong side of The Greek over those dead girls in the can.

Pablo Schreiber

Who Was He in 'The Wire?' Nick Sobotka

How You Might Remember Him: For being the insanely arrogant, slappable one. Schreiber clearly has a skill for playing hateful dudes because he is also Pornstache in OITNB. Ew.

Sure, it's not quite an Omar and McNulty level reunion, but us fans have got to take what we can get. It's been so long!

What's your favorite season of 'The Wire?'

(Source: Digital Spy)


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