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On Sunday, Beyoncé came out to play at the Super Bowl 50 and as expected, she absolutely slayed her half-time show performance because, after all, she's Queen B and a freakin' pro.

In fact, as Twitter reactions showed, her appearance was potentially one of the most triumphant performances of her career. That's all despite the fact that Bey's fancy footwork almost failed her during one of her dance breaks.

While performing her new song 'Formation,' a tune she dropped just one day before the epic Super Bowl, the gyrating goddess slipped and almost fell.

The moment was captured on camera and spread like wildfire through social media channels, dropping jaws left, right, and center over how smoothly Beyoncé managed to save what could have been a potential disaster. Here's a clip of her taking it to the floor and almost taking a gracious little tumble as a result:

Of course, Bey had it covered and her thighs of steel saved the flop just in time — instead of toppling over backwards like any other normal human would when faced with the force of gravity, she just did a casual hop back up and kept on going with the complex choreography.

Once again, not only has the woman basically proven that she's superhuman, but she's also given us all the squat goals. And Twitter agreed:

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