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Facebook has a secret – a secret game! That's right, those sneaky people over at Facebook have built us a mini-game that until recently has gone completely undiscovered.

Facebook is not shy in dishing out utterly addictive games to their users. In fact, games like Candy Crush and Farmville are responsible for some of Facebook's highest earnings (No, I don't want to play stop inviting me! You know who you are...) But aside from these mainstream games, Facebook has developed another game, a secret game, that they hid somewhere deep within the network.

What is the game?

Ok, so it's not the most innovative game in the world nor is it the most modern but boy is it addictive. Fancy a game of chess anyone?

Facebook have incorporated a brilliant little game of chess that you can play with your friends within the Messenger app. Not the most adrenaline filled sport but trust me when I say that it is fun. Talk about NSFW, this game will eat up the hours you are meant to be using to write up that proposal.

A cracking little Easter Egg that will have you and your buddies vying for intellectual superiority.

How do I play?

To access this cryptic game of cunning, first you must start by going either into the Facebook website or into the Facebook Messenger app. You must then choose a friend, preferably one with a lower IQ, and start a conversation. Type in the phrase “@fbchess play” into the chat box – if done correctly this should open up a chessboard in your messenger.

That's half the battle over with, you must then figure out how to move your pieces. It is actually quite simple; to move a piece, simply type in what letter and space correspond with the move you want your piece to make. Each piece on the board is identified by the first letter of its name - P for Pawn, K for Knight, etc. So, if you wanted to move your Knight to D5, you would simply type “@fbchess kd5,”.

If you still need help figuring out the mechanics then type in “@fbchess help” and this will open a separate window with step by step tuition. If you wanted to play on the big screen, just click on the cog and select 'See Full Conversation'

Ready to challenge your Facebook compadres? Get messaging and get gaming!


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