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When it was announced that Megan Fox would be filling in for Zooey Deschanel in Season 5 of New Girl, many fans were surprised. Yet, although Fox is known primarily for her roles in action blockbusters like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Transformers Franchise, she has quite a lot of comedy experience. One of her first breakout roles was on the sitcom Hope & Faith, and she has also starred in a few SNL sketches.

So far so good: Megan Fox is clearly a good fit for the sitcom. She'll be playing Reagan, a "straight shooting pharmaceutical rep" who has some romantic history with Cece. We don't have long to wait until we finally see her in action: Megan Fox's first episode, the aptly titled 'Reagan,' will air tomorrow. And now we've got our first look at the episode in this new promo...

So let's count out what we know about Reagan's character so far...

She Has History With Cece

A few weeks ago, it came out that Reagan was Cece's "ex-girlfriend," and the two women had a romantic history together. This was included in several of the promotional features, and will apparently stir up some trouble between Schmidt and Cece, who are now engaged. S05E06 will focus on this friction between Schmidt and Reagan: Megan Fox explained to TVLine that her character has to "break him out of the rut."

Cece and Reagan have history...
Cece and Reagan have history...

Having said that, Cece and Reagan apparently share an intimate shower scene together by the end of the episode....

"We were in the shower, and they really were dumping buckets and buckets of water on us, and we were just trying to hold on and get through it. I lived out every heterosexual man’s dream." - Hannah Simone, US magazine.

Exes often stir things up when they return, and it's possible Reagan wants to rekindle something with Cece. But considering the most recent promo, it seems as though Cece and Reagan didn't actually have a relationship together, they just "hooked up" at the MTV beach house. So are they actually ex-girlfriends, or did they just have a fling? It's too early to tell, but it looks like Reagan's bisexuality might just be used to fulfill the "heterosexual man's dream." Which, sigh.

Bisexual women do not exist for fetish fantasies.
Bisexual women do not exist for fetish fantasies.

Reagan's history with Cece aside, it looks like the newcomer has her sights set on one of the loft's other inhabitants...

Reagan, Nick, Jess: The New Love Triangle?

It looks like Reagan's entrance into the loft stirs up a lot of romantic tension: according to Lamorne Morris, Winston has a little crush on Reagan...

"Winston is interested in Reagan’s character, [but] the problem is she lets him realize something else about his life. There’s a shift in where Winston thought his love would lie." - TVLine

Winston's had more than a few quandaries about his professional life recently, so perhaps he's about to have an epiphany about his career. Or maybe this realization is more personal... either way, we can't wait to find out!

Winston and Reagan in Season 5.
Winston and Reagan in Season 5.

But it looks like a relationship with Reagan is out the window: according to Megan Fox, Reagan is more interested in Nick. And this could lead to a bit of a love triangle when Jess returns to the show later this year.

"I think [Nick and Jess] are going to hook up, then Reagan is going to come back. And Nick will be like, ‘What do I do?’ I love this one, but I like that one and could love that one. What do I do?‘" - TVLine

This could be rather repetitive: after all, we've seen Nick and Jess dance around each other for 5 years, with more than a few love triangle subplots thrown into the mix. Right now it's too early to tell whether this plot will eventually come to pass, but so far it seems like Megan Fox's storyline on New Girl will certainly stir things up!


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