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After eight years away from the franchise, Matt Damon is back as his super-spy counterpart, Jason Bourne. And this time, he remembers everything.

As part of a mammoth trailer rollout from this year's Super Bowl, Universal has finally permitted us a glimpse at the fifth film in the Bourne franchise, the aptly named Jason Bourne.

Within the 30 second action-packed teaser trailer, not much is given away in terms of why Bourne has resurfaced after all this time, and what's left to uncover. What is clear however, is that Matt Damon has been hitting the gym hard in preparation for the role. The guy is completely and utterly ripped!

'I know who I am. I remember everything.'

Bod aside, this brief glimpse is filled with ominous statements and leading questions, and it's clear that the venerable spy is far from giving up.

Once again helmed by Paul Greengrass, Julia Stiles is also returning to reprise her role in the franchise, alongside newcomers: current it-girl Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl), Vincent Cassel, and Tommy Lee Jones.

Jason Bourne is set to hit theaters July 29. Check out the teaser below:

Are you excited for the return of Jason Bourne?


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