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The depth of the Marvel Universe is so vast, even the most hardcore of fans may not be aware of all of the intricate and interesting pieces of trivia that exist within it.

From early design ideas (see Insect-Man), to complex relationships (one famous character had a high school crush on Peter Parker), the comic books are full of intriguing details.

So, without keeping you a second longer, here are 12 cool facts about the Marvel universe:

1. Spider-Man Will Ultimately Be The Best Superhero Ever

Yup, move aside Captain America and Iron Man. In Avengers X-Sanction #4, the time traveling mutant Cable has been to the year 3000. Not much has changed, but Spider-Man rules the roost.

2. However, Daredevil's Skills Are More Powerful Than Spider-Man's

Stan Lee confirmed that Matt Murdock has stronger capabilities. Without concentrating, he can assess threats up to 150 yards away, in full 360 degrees. When he actually makes the effort, this is increased.

On the other hand, Spider-Man relies on his Spider-sense, which is much more reactionary.

3. Deadpool Once Killed A Man Over Star Wars

Earning his antihero title, Wade Wilson once murdered someone because they had the audacity to say the prequels were better than the original trilogy.

4. And He Also Once Survived A Zombie Apocalypse By Hiding In A Mexican Restaurant

5. Between 1991 and 1995, Marvel Published A ‘Swimsuit Special’ Featuring Characters In Swimwear

This actually happened. Allegedly it was a direct parody to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit series, but I think the designers quite enjoyed drawing famous characters half naked.

6. Iron Man's Armor Once Included Roller Skates

In what could be the most flamboyant addition to a superhero costume, Tony Stark used to glide around without a care in the world.

Why this never made it to the movie version, I'll never know.

7. Jessica Jones Used To Have A Crush On Peter Parker

Back in the day, Jessica Jones used to have the hots for Spidey, but didn't have the courage to talk to him.

If only today's technology existed, she could've told him via the World Wide Web.

8. Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, and Holloway, A Law Firm That Occasionally Appears In The Comics, Is Named After The Founding Members Of Marvel

9. Hulk Was Originally Grey In Color, But Was Changed To Green Because It Was Easier To Print

Apparently, he used to be grey with envy.

10. Doctor Doom Dropped Out Of College And Isn't Actually A Doctor

Rumors that Dr. Dre used Doom as inspiration are unfounded.

11. There Is A Hyphen In Spider-Man So He Doesn't Get Confused With Superman

Stan Lee originally had some other names in contention, too. These included Fly-Man and Insect-Man... Neither have the same ring to it, do they? Frankly, Lee didn't have eight legs to stand on.

What Is Your Favorite Piece Of Marvel Trivia?

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