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Among all of the football playing and Beyoncé slaying on screens yesterday, some of television's most expensive advertisements also flooded our screens. And there, nestled somewhere between the CGI-heavy spot from Marvel and Coke, and the interesting partnership of DC and Turkish Airlines, was the total weirdness of the Doritos ad. Missed it? Well, feast your eyes:

Yep that's right, you just saw a baby in utero inducing premature labor in the hopes of claiming a manky floor chip.

The concept is really weird, and it seems to have totally divided the Internet, with some loving the out-of-the-box (so to speak) concept and some absolutely hating it.

Check out some of the opinions voiced over on Twitter and then tell me below what you thought of the commercial:

Firstly, those opposed:

And here are those in support:

Even Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson couldn't resist sharing his love of the ad:


Do you think the Doritos ad is funny or gross?

Source: Buzzfeed


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