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Karly Rayner

Lady Gaga absolutely slayed the national anthem at the Superbowl and her powerful, emotional vibrato set the stadium on fire with national pride.

Wearing a sparkling, red Gucci suit and a pair of blue glitter and red-and-white striped platform high heels to really bring those Uncle Sam vibes, the singer delivered a flawless performance along with Oscar-winning deaf actress Marlee Matlin.

If you somehow missed the performance, that included a note so high that it miraculously caused jets to take flight, then check out the video below to see what the world is raving about.

Naturally, the emotional performance whipped up quite a stir on social media and below are some of the reactions to Gaga's powerful vocals:

Do you think Lady Gaga's Superbowl national anthem was one of the best of all time?

(Source: People)


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