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Hey guys i m new here and i hope that you like my articles.

So let's start:we all know the origin of superman in man of steel and we know that bruce wayne was batman about 20 years and we also know that wonder woman is going to have a big role in BVS but we don t know the origin of FLASH and Gl and how will they fit in this universe. I have a theory about their origin story and i hope that you like it.

So let's start with the flash:

I think that barry allen did'nt become the flash before man of steel because if he was the flash he will go to metrpolis and help superman. I think that he was struck by lightnig during or after the events of man of steel and after some months in a coma he will wake up and become the flash.

Now let's talk about GREEN LANTERN:

I don 't think that hal jordan was GL before the events of man of steel too. I think that he become green lantern during the kryptonian invasion. My theory states that abin sur was send to earth to save people but in his way he is some how injured and his ship crashed in coast city where hal jordan find him and become the new GL and he went to Oa to training.

Maybe we can see in BVS lex in star labs and he look to the body of abin sur.

That's my theory and i hope you enjoy it.


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