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It's starting to feel like [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021) is really just beginning to flourish into its own, what with the recent announcement of new DLC and update content lined up to drop throughout 2016 to flesh out what was a slightly underwhelming game.

January's Update

January's DLC brought with it new maps for both multiplayer and missions modes, including the long speculated upon Tatooine Survival Map. It also introduced new features like Private Matches, Daily Challenges and Community Events, as well as some snazzy new Hoth themed outfits for Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.

And it doesn't stop here; the DLC content will be rolled out throughout 2016 with new Hoth maps for February as well as a multiplayer map for Endor and another Tatooine map dropping in March alongside Sullust and Jabba the Hutt's palace.

Bespin and the iconic Cloud City will be introduced in the summer, with a Death Star expansion landing in fall 2016. New DLC will continue to be rolled out into next year, with the as yet untiled Expansion Pack 4 arriving "early 2017".

February's Update

Last month's update was a welcome addition as it included a bunch of bug fixes, weapon mechanic alterations and some nice new features.

So what can we expect to see from Star Wars: Battlefront this month? The February update doesn't yet have an official release date but it's bringing the bug fixing fury as EA respond to player feedback.

A-Wing Improvements

From the looks of things the next update will finally address player complaints regarding the A-Wing hit box targeting.

A-Wings have been criticised for having a smaller than necessary hit box making it difficult to land damage upon the small fighter ships, with some players comparing them to Hero Ships in terms of difficulty to take down.

This issue has been noted by players ever since the game first came out last year and the February patch is expected to readjust the A-Wing mechanics, as Battlefront lead designer Dennis Brännvall confirmed that they are investigating and will fix this issue.

Hopefully this won't be the only player noted issue to be fixed in the next update, as EA claim that they're basing the monthly updates on user feedback:

"Our team has been reviewing reports and feedback across the board over the last 36 hours based on the January Update and feedback around the future free content and Season Pass.

We're aware that some of you within the community do not agree with some of the balance changes, and I am working with our team to provide more insight in the coming week around those changes. We are also aware that some of the bug fixes outlined seem to have not resolved some reported issues (looking at you 'Playing the Objective'). I am looking into these reports and again will follow up as soon as I have details to share."

So there we go.

It's good to see that EA are taking player feedback seriously, even if January's update didn't quite manage to fix noted problems like the Playing the Objective trophy bug.

Hopefully this month's update will sort it out, and move Star Wars: Battlefront one step closer to the fully realised game it should be.


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