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Who killed JFK? James Franco approaches this mystery in a new eight-part adaptation of Stephen King's book, titled 11/22/63.

Here's the latest teaser:

The original story sees high school teacher Jake Epping (Franco) travel back in time to the 1960s to attempt to prevent the assassination. It has been unclear how faithful the show will be to the book.

King's 2011 novel was a massive success, winning multiple awards and settling in the New York Times best seller list for 16 weeks.

Though praised for being historically accurate in many ways, the book of course takes liberties with the unknown for the benefit of the reader – and now the viewer. The series producers haven't let slip how faithful they will be to the original. The show will premiere on Hulu on President's Day (wryly-chosen) on 15th February this year.

Dust jacket flaunts a faux-newspaper article
Dust jacket flaunts a faux-newspaper article

But what secrets does the clip spill?

The video shows Al Templeton (Chris Cooper) leading Epping in the present day into a basement papered with shreds of news clippings and photographs related to the President's murder. Epping gazes awe-struck at the American Beauty-esque slew of material as Templeton asks him the immortal question:

Who do you think killed Kennedy?

In the book Templeton owns a diner and is close friends with his customer Epping. He tries to prevent the assassination through time travel.

Templeton continues in the clip:

Lot of books written about it, most of ‘em written about Lee Harvey Oswald. The guy didn't make sense. US marine, defected to Russia, came back. But everyone who wrote about Oswald studied him after the assassination. I saw him before.

The scene confirms that the series follows the part of the book that tells of Templeton spending five years gathering information about Oswald.

It promises to penetrate through the fact and fiction that surrounded his death, marking itself out from the "lots of books" Templeton refers to that theorize the sniper's identity, with the possibility of certainty, albeit fictional.

The clip finishes with a shot of Templeton spying Oswald in 1962 as the latter appears to alight from a plane: he knew him before the assassination.

Only one more week to go until we can watch the real thing.

In the meantime check out the trailer and the Hulu page!


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Source: EW


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