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Despite already having broken a huge number of records, Star Wars: The Force Awakens continues to dominate the world with a new barrier having been broken, one that arguably makes it deserving of the highest grossing film of all time name, despite Avatar and Titanic beating it with their re-releases. That record?

The Force Awakens Has Now Made $2 Billion Worldwide

Which is unbelievable news, as it is only the third film to do so ever! Even Avatar and Titanic needed their cinematic re-releases to get to this mark, but The Force Awakens has done it in about seven weeks of its original release!

While this is brilliant for Star Wars fans the world over, it is by no means the first record that this film has broken. Check out some of the other incredible feats it has managed in the last two months!

Fastest Film To Gross $1 Billion!

It only took the first twelve days for The Force Awakens to reach ten figures in sales, it took Jurassic World thirteen earlier in 2015. Avatar took nineteen, while Titanic took a whole seventy-three!

Biggest Worldwide Opening Weekend!

In just one weekend, The Force Awakens took in a whopping $529 million dollars worldwide, again narrowly beating Jurassic World, which made $524 million. Avatar is only 27th highest opening of all time, and Titanic isn't even in the top 40!

Highest Grossing Film of 2015!

Which isn't all that surprising, despite Furious 7 and Jurassic World earning themselves places in the top 5 highest grossing films of all time (The Force Awakens pushed Furious 7 down to sixth though) The Force Awakens had little trouble breezing past both films and The Avengers to take third place overall.

Highest Grossing Film EVER In The USA and UK!

That's right! In both countries it surpassed everything else by a long way. In the US, it made the $900 million mark just this week, becoming the first film ever to do so, just like it was the first film to reach the $800 million and $850 million marks. Avatar sits far behind in second place with just $749 million. In the UK, James Bond thriller Skyfall held the record at £103.2 million, but The Force Awakens took in an impressive £119.4 million (approximately $172.1 million) to beat it.

And that's not all. Star Wars: The Force Awakens also took a huge number of records in IMAX sales, biggest Disney film of all time, biggest share of weekend gross, and basically every record you can think of. While it hasn't taken the crown of highest grossing film of off Avatar, I'm sure Disney could just wait a few years and re-release it in cinemas to finish the top two off in style.

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