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Xbox One's most anticipated game for 2016 Quantum Break has just dropped some seriously cool, never before seen prototype footage. This time-bending, space shifting giant will warp the very fabric of your existence.

Speaking at an industry lecture in Paris last week, Remedy Entertainment released a video that shows just how much their big project, Quantum Break has changed over the years. This brand new video is made up from a variety of different gameplay segments that date back as far as 2012.

The video was commissioned by and for Microsoft as part of their greenlight process - Microsoft's pre-production approval system. The footage released reveals just how much the game has grown throughout development.

The footage below contains gameplay, stills and artwork ranging from 2012 up to 2015. It showcases a range of experimental dynamics and pathfinding narratives that have all now become an integral part of this AAA monster.

Note that, the library scene showcased at the end of the video will be playable in the final version but Remedy have stated that the end product will be "quite different" from that which can be seen in the below prototype footage.

More to come?

Speaking with Dualshockers at the lecture, Creative Director Sam Lake, went into a little further detail that suggests that Quantum Break could be in for a sequel. Lake stated that the Quantum Break franchise has a narrative that would cover "much more" than just this one game.

However he also countered the statement by saying;

"nothing can be said for sure, because in this industry it’s impossible to know beforehand how things will shape up, and when it's a good moment to continue with an IP, if ever,"

He also wanted to make it clear that this title will focus on Jack's story and that the game will be "very conclusive" in regard to his journey.

Quantum Break will blur the lines between what is real, what you think is real and what can't possibly be real. The game releases alongside the Television series which will draw players ever deeper into this twisted world.

I can not wait to get my hands on this title. Max Payne was, and still is, one of my favourite gaming experiences but Quantum Break is set to blow that clean out of the water. Put simply, I cannot wait.

Quantum Break was originally set to launch on Xbox One last year - however, it was pushed back to April this year, fingers crossed.


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