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Well, to be honest there isn’t much to talk about with Dragon Ball Super episode 30. So, I am going to make this one short.

This is the type of episode you might want to skip. Well, basically most part of this episode contained flashbacks from the battle of god’s saga and how Champa challenged them in a tournament. Irritatingly enough there were flashback scenes just from the previous episode. To give you a clear idea the first 9 minutes contained only flashback scenes except the opening where we saw Krillen joining Goku and Vegeta.

These flashbacks continued throughout the series. Other than that Goku, Vegeta and Krillen went to the training spot of Gohan and Piccolo. Well, this training was the entire reason why we were so excited about this episode. And unfortunately enough we only got to see barely 20 to 30 seconds of Gohan and Piccolo’s training. Gohan was practicing in his base form obviously to get stronger. They went hand to hand but it appeared that Gohan was lacking stamina compared to Piccolo. We also saw Goten and Trunks for a while. I am curious why they are not aging. They look the same as they were when Buu was defeated. Goku, Vegeta and Krillen also went to meet with Buu. As they highlighted how Buu has a lot of potential and they want to recruit him as a fighter of universe 7 for the tournament.

However, I think Gohan-Piccolo's training scene should’ve been longer we almost got the trailer just a bit extended. I mean that’s what the fans where waiting for. At the end we saw Bulma completed making the super dragon ball radar which will be used to track down the super dragon balls.

Gohan and Piccolo training Dragon Ball Super
Gohan and Piccolo training Dragon Ball Super

Their reasoning for showing useless flashback scenes is that they needed filler episodes since the manga writing is still on process. So, there’s a factor of maintaining pace. Besides, many fans skipped the first two arcs of the series because those were basically adaptations of the 2 earlier released movies. But, almost all the real fans are starting to watch super again from this champa arc. So, there idea is to remind them of the story that was shown in the series maybe?

But, in-case they just had to show flashbacks they could just wrap things up within 5 minutes instead of scattering flashbacks throughout the episode. Besides, it’s not like they don’t have enough things to show to keep up with the manga. Instead of showing flashbacks; they could feature the Z fighters. What Tien, Chiatzuo,Yamcha and Master Roshi are up to.

Also like I said they could extend the training sequences and all. The animation quality was good overall. There were not many scenes today to judge actually. However, I hope they will do better from the next one. And yeah like we got the trailer of the upcoming episode, which is episode 31. Episode 31 will mainly feature Jaco and Bulma going to meet Zuno. Zuno posses immense knowledge on everything of this universe and they will learn more about the super dragon balls from him. It looks the scene will be hilarious as it featured Jaco kissing Zuno.

That’s all for now!What do you think? Comment your opinion bellow.



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