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Over the years, the CW has built a version of the DC Universe fit for praise. But many want more shows from them. The recent launch of Legends of Tomorrow has satiated our thirst for super-hero, time travel shenanigans, but what other shows would be perfect for Flarrowverse ?

Here is the full list...

1. Blue Beetle

Look at him. Look. At. Him...
Look at him. Look. At. Him...

Recently, we saw the mention of Kord Industries in the Flarrowverse. Now if you are not initiated, you don't know why fanboys and fangirls were going crazy on the internet. Ted Kord was 2nd Blue Beetle. Let that sink in for a moment. So if they don't introduce Blue Beetle now, they are definitely crazy.

2. The Question

In the Arrow S4 episode "Unchained", we learnt Roy Harper was leading a life in Hub City. That's the Question's territory. Now the guy is a Sherlock type detective and he has that whole conflicted personality we all love, so why not introduce him to the Flarrowverse.

Sorry guys, that's all for this week, I'll continue to add more superheroes each week.


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