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Netflix extends its free trial service for another month.

Netflix Inc. launched in nearly 130 countries last month to increase its tally of providing online video content services to more almost 190 countries. When it officially announced its launch, the company officials offered free first month to all new subscribers that sign u for Netflix’s services. This offer does not limit from a specific date to a specific date but it is counted from the day when a subscriber signs up. According to sources, it is believed that the company has announced to extend its free trial service period for all subscribers from the new locations.

The streaming giant will offer one more free month to its customers due to the technical problems they had to face which affected its customer delivery service. Sources suggest that Netflix has sent out an email to its new subscribers to apologize for the inconvenience caused. The apology letter mentioned concerns regarding troubles streaming subscribers had to face in accessing the free trial service on initial launch. In order to make up for its mistake, it decided to extend the free trial service for another month which started from Friday.

According to Netflix team, it stated in an email “A number of customers have recently experienced troubles accessing our [free trial] service. To compensate, we are extending our free trial service for you for one month.”

The streaming service provider said that the free trial service will be accessible for the customers until March 6. It further said that the extension will be valid for the existing customers as well as the new customers.

Apart from this, Netflix was previously blocked by an Indonesian state owned telecommunication firm known as Telekom Indonesia. Regardless of the ban in the region, the content was accessible through Telkom only but made lesser content available for the customers.

Rudiantara who is a minister of Communications and Information disclosed that the decision of shutting down Netflix’s access in the region by Telkom Indonesia was a corporate decision rather than a government decision. Rudiantara stated “Other internet providers are still open to Netflix. It [access or closure] is Telkom's right.”

Furthermore the ministry’s head of information and public, Ismail Cawidu, stated in an interview “Any subscription broadcasting company that is still under a principal license is prohibited from charging fees.”

The telecommunications company mentioned that Netflix had unethical content on its platform which was not suitable to be shown in the region. This was one of the main reasons why the service was banned in Indonesia.


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