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Well Folks, I would say that this article is long overdue as it should have come out the day Charlie met her demise in a cruel but yet priceless way. But, Hey! Better late than never. Right?

With any consolation, it comes in alliance with last week's episode of the family of wayward girls containing Jody-Alex-Claire Combo. After last week’s episode many people thanked their writers for the no killing policy as fans thought they nearly lost their chickens or rather forgot to kill one of those three female characters!

Even Before that, many people stopped watching the show in unison with Charlie’s cruel death scene. Even long before that, some people stopped watching the show after the death of Joe and Ellen blaming the show of constantly killing every female character that ever existed in this god for saken show! Many of its fans claim that the show always follows the policy of Cherchez la femme but of course not lead to be killed!

Well, Hey! I do not blame you for showing your sorrow as a result to offing your favorite female characters. Really, I do not! I was so mad after Charlie’s death. Hell, I even cried in the scene of Joe and Ellen’s death! But then I stopped to make a simple equation which by the way was first out of curiosity then was kind of fun.

What do you think about playing a game? It is a simple one called “Name the Dead”! Here we re-watch the 11 years worth of television and bring every male or female character that ever died in this show!

Chill out! You do not have to play 230 episodes over again. I already did it to bring you the longest list of dead people in the history of any show! Honestly, It was bloody tiring but it was completely worth it. you know why? Because simply it leads me to the little fact, which is that this show has offed more men than it did women! You don’t believe it?! Well, let us prove it but I warn you it is a damn long list so you better hold your breath because it is a long way down.

First the list of the ladies:

The Winchesters:

Mary Winchester “Pilot”

Emma Winchester (Dean’s daughter) “The Slice Girls”

The Campbell:

Deanna Campbell “In The Beginning”

Gwen Campbell “And There Were None”

The Winchesters’ Friends:

Charlie Bradbury “Dark Dynasty”

Amy Pond (Sam’s kitsune friend) “The Girl Next Door”

Sam Lovers:

Jessica Lee Moore “Pilot”

Madison “Heart”

Sarah Blake “Clip Show”


Bela Talbot “Time is on my side”

Pamela Barnes "Death Takes a Holiday"

Jo Harvell “Abandon all Hope”

Ellen Harvell “Abandon all Hope”

Dr. Eleanor Visyak “The Man Who Knew Too Much”

Annie Hawkins “Of Grave Importance”


Meg Masters “Devil’s Trap”


Hannah “Form and Void”

Anna Milton “The Song Remains the Same”

Naomi “Sacrifice”

Reaper Tessa “Stairway to Heaven”

Reaper April “I’m No Angel”

Muriel “Holy Terror”


Rowena “The Devil in the Details”

Lilith “Lucifer Rising”

Ruby “Lucifer Rising”

Eve “Mommy Dearest”

Meg “Goodbye Stranger”

Abaddon “King of the Damned”


Nancy Fitzgerald “Jus in Bello”

Amelia Novak “Angel Heart”

Jenna Nickerson "Form and Void"

Channing (Kevin’s girlfriend) “We Need to Talk about Kevin”

Psychic Eva “All Hell Breaks Loose 1”

Psychic Lily “All Hell Breaks Loose 1”

The Female Body Count is 33.

Now comes the time for the list of the buddies:

The Winchesters:

Henry Winchester “As Time Goes By”

John Winchester “In my Time of Dying”

The Campbell:

Samuel Campbell “And There Were None”

Mark Campbell “Two and Half Men”

Christian Campbell “Family Matters”

The Winchesters’ Friends:

Kevin Tran “Holy Terror”

Benny Lafitte (Dean’s vampire friend) "Taxi Driver"

The Horsemen:

Death “Brother’s Keeper”

Famine “Bloody Valentine”


Bobby Singer “Death Door”

Rufus Turner “And There Were None”

Ash “All Hell Breaks Loose 1”

Frank Deveraux “Out with Oki”

Gordon Walker “Fresh Blood”

Martin Creaser “Citizen Fang”

Danielle Elkins “Dead Man’s Blood’

Rudy “Brother’s Keeper”

Travis “Metamorphosis”

Isaac “The Magnificent Seven”

Pastier Jim “Salvation”


Jimmy Novak “Swan Song”

Nick “Swan Song”


Gabriel “Hammer of the Gods”

Rafael “The Man Who Knew Too Much”

Gadreel “Do You Believe in Miracles?”

Uriel “On the Head of a Pin”

Zachariah “Point of No Return”

Balthazar “Let It Bleed”

Bartholomew “Captives”

Alfie/Samandriel “Torn and Frayed”

Reaper Ajay “Taxi Driver”

Ezra “King of the Damned”

Josiah “Stairway to Heaven”

Abner “Road trip”

Theo “Holy Terror”


Cain “The Executioner’s Song”

Azazel “All Hell Breaks Loose 2”

Alastair “On the Head of a Pin”

Dick Roman “Survival of the Fittest”

Brady “The Devil You Know”

Guthrie “The Hunters Game”


Special Agent Hendricksen “Jus in Bello”

Ronald Resnick “Night shifter”

Cuthbert Sinclair “Blade Runner”

Prometheus aka Shane “Remember the Titans”

Lester Morris “Reinchenback”

Len Fletcher “Our Little World”

Psychic Jake “All Hell Breaks Loose 2”

Psychic Andy “All Hell Breaks Loose 1”

Psychic Max Miller “Nightmare”

The Male Body Count is 50 or you can say 53 Counting Dean, Sam and Castiel who died several times themselves.

Told you the male body count is way more than the female. So, from where I see it the Supernatural family has a cruel vast rule in writing which is “who lives, dies whether they have pair of testes or ovaries.”

Finally, I hope that people that read this article stop whining about killing of female characters of the show because the hard evident truth remains that everybody die no matter their gender.

Tell us what you think of our article and feel free to write any comment!


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