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A new comic book universe starting with a female vigilante!
Logan Cross

Female Vigilante Kicks Off New Superhero Universe - NIGHTSHADOW

I know, I know another Kickstarter.

Give me a moment and I’ll tell you why it’ll be worth it:

Your donation goes to fund a small piece of a grand, epic puzzle. An Indie film of this scale requires that we hit a series of small windows. In this instance, all of the chips are falling on the table at the same time and with your help, we can get to the next step of producing this film and launching a successful comic book company.

Enigma Concept Art
Enigma Concept Art

The Film Project is called Nightshadow and was created by Logan Cross. The story of our ninja assassin is our first foray into a whole new Superhero Universe. Well, actually it’s a reboot of sorts. You see, back in 2011, Logan started doing a series of Superhero shorts, and over the course of a little over 4 years, he created quite an extensive universe. That World was created on a shoestring budget, and was the training ground for Logan. Now that he has well over 450 episodes under his utility belt, it’s time to reboot with more experience and higher production values.

This May, we forge a new path when we start shooting Nightshadow. The plan is set and a seasoned crew is starting to gather; the enthusiasm is palatable. We WILL be playing Superhero, the only question is, how cool are we going to look doing it? With your help, we are going to look AWESOME!


Your donation goes to getting the most kick-ass costumes that not only look good on film, but can take the punishment of a Feature Film shooting schedule and intense stunt sequences!

Art takes time. Amazing costumes are no different. We want to build the most amazing pieces we can and put them on screen. The best way to do that is to give our costume builders enough time to create. However, the window between when we get the money from our Investors and the start of shooting is too small a window to have proper costumes made for our heroes and villains. They need to start sewing yesterday.

We don’t need the money to fund the movie, create a demo reel, or work on visual effects for post-production. All of that will be taken care of by a shadowy cabal hell-bent on world domination, so don’t worry if the film will get made. It’ll get made. Your donation ensures we look good doing it and will go directly to creating the costumes by In Disguise Designs and Renegade Effects Group.


So we turn to you: Will you help us create something awesome?

Here's a goal just for Bleeding Cool viewers: if we reach our funding goal over THIS weekend, we will give all contributors an exclusive 3rd comic book download based on Dragos.


If you need something more than the satisfaction of contributing to an amazing film, then check out our NEW contribution tiers:


  • Cross the Line Comics’ first 10-page Comic Book Download Nightshadow to go with the Movie
  • Download of Nightshadow Movie
  • 10 Custom Character Wallpapers for Computer Desktop

$50 - everything above PLUS:

  • Behind-the-Scenes Video Download
  • Exclusive Set Cast Photo
  • Hi-Resolution Printable Nightshadow Poster
  • Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Still Photos from Filming

$100 - everything from $25 & $50 levels PLUS:

  • PDF of Nightshadow Movie Script
  • 3D Render of Nightshadow, Dragos, The Omega Soldier, Yenzharr, Gold Rush, & Allura
  • Download Collection of Original Drawings and Sketches of Characters, Weapons, & Props
  • Special Video Message from the Cast of Nightshadow
  • Exclusive Hi-Resolution Concept Art Bundle
  • Extra Director’s Commentary Version of Nightshadow Movie
  • Your Name in the Movie Credits

$500 - everything from $25, $50, & $100 levels PLUS:

  • Web Portal to Behind-the-Scenes Videos during Production
  • Full Interview Video of Director & Cast of Nightshadow
  • Executive Producer Name in the Movie Credits
  • Exclusive Concept Artwork of a Character to Appear in Sequel
  • A 2nd Comic Book Download featuring Gold Rush
  • 3D Render of Any of the Main Characters with YOUR Face
Initial Gold Rush Sketch (work in progress)
Initial Gold Rush Sketch (work in progress)

As you look through the designs, know that there is a well-crafted story itching to be told by a crew that loves creating! A key note for comic book lovers and fans out there is that Eddie Nunez has signed on to pencil, ink, and color the full 10-page plus cover First Comic Book which is included in all 4 levels of Contributions! Eddie is a commissioned artist for DC Comics and is extremely talented— we’re stoked to have him create our very first comic book for Cross the Line Comics!

Our easy-access URL for this campaign is — claim your favorite rewards as soon as you can and make sure you check out all of our videos, images, and info for this project— it’s a very large endeavor and with your help, we can make this happen and make it epic!

Kickstarter Flyer
Kickstarter Flyer

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