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For comic book fans, the Super Bowl isn't just about football. It's a chance to catch glimpses of new footage in new TV spots for comic book movies set to be released that year. And those spots usually don't disappoint. The Batman Begins (2005) and The Avengers (2012) spots were good examples of how studios should advertise their "mini" trailers during the big game, as those trailers usually don't take much more than a minute due to time constraints and the huge load of advertisements the Super Bowl attracts. That means those trailers should be well-composed, packed with hype, and straight to the point.

With some comic book movies left without any Super Bowl ads this year, such as Suicide Squad (which just had a full-length trailer), Doctor Strange (which is probably waiting to release footage with Captain America: Civil War), and Gambit (?!), we were left with the following trailers. So here they are, with a few lines of analysis.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Not that it needed advertising, but Batman v Superman released two spots, not only promoting themselves, but also Turkish Airlines, with the taglines being "Fly to Gotham" and "Fly to Metropolis"

Those viral marketing ads always seem to be appreciated by the fans, as proven by the apparently very good Deadpool, (and to be honest, Batman v Superman needed to change the taste it left us with the last trailer). Ben Affleck isn't sweating playing Bruce Wayne, and Jessie Eisenberg is way less annoying this time. The movie has had two full-length trailers so far, and with recent news that a new two minute, twelve second trailer has been classified, fans are left waiting to see even more of one of the most anticipated, if not the most anticipated movie in 2016.

X-Men: Apocalypse

After X-Men: Days of Future Past, the X-Men franchise only promised to raise the bar even higher. The spot successfully delivers the tone of the movie and gives the audience the feeling of, well, the apocalypse. Brian Singer obviously knows how to make a good X-Men movie, but maybe Apocalypse is the unluckiest X-Men movie, as it's being released in a year that will arguably kick- start a new era for comic book movies and will have to stand its ground against giants like Civil War, Dawn of Justice, Doctor Strange, Suicide Squad, and even its fellow Fox buddy Deadpool. The latest X-Men installment could very well face the peril of being out-shined by movies from the same genre, so if it aims to leave a mark, it has to be a solid and refreshing addition to the X-Men universe.

Nevertheless, that shot with Psylocke was pretty amazing!


Deadpool has the smallest budget compared to the other superhero blockbusters, but looking at its early reviews, it looks to be a strong front-runner to become the best superhero movie in 2016. Reviews have been praising Deadpool immensely, calling it "a very dirty and pretty funny goof", "terribly arch and juvenile, but effective", and "a smart-ass take-down of superhero films while still being its own superhero film". Which is exactly what we wanted it to be! Deadpool is also the movie facing the least pressure going into the race. Meaning that if it turned out to be good, then "Great! Give us another!" But if not, then "OK, what did you expect from Fox anyway?". Thankfully, Deadpool's marketing is absolutely top-notch, and every single sign says the movie will be too.

Captain America: Civil War

United. We. stand. Divided. We. Fall.

Every bit of this TV spot screams awesomeness and hype. And this can't help but remind you of The Avengers' 2012 spot (Watch it here). We get an even stronger emphasis of how intense and emotional this movie is going to be. The teams are fully(?) lined-up and ready to clash as we get the first look at the characters that didn't appear in the first teaser trailer: Scarlet Witch, Vision, Hawkeye, and the costume-upgraded Ant-Man. We still haven't seen all of it, though. Marvel are definitely keeping new footage under wraps to be released with the second full-length trailer, which is expected to be released very soon. Twitter also did its part with official hashtags featuring members from both teams, so be sure you don't choose the wrong side.

Bonus: Ant-Man vs Hulk: The Coca Cola Wars


So which Super Bowl TV spot was your favorite?


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