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Robyn Church

'The Boy' starring 'The Walking Dead' actor Lauren Cohan provides a mysteriously intriguing feel. But how does this horror movie doll stack up against Chucky, Annabelle and Billy from Dead Silence?

The interview below shows some exclusive clips of Lauren Cohan discussing what makes 'The Boy' a different kind of horror movie than its progenitors.

But sadly in my opinion 'The Boy' doesn't stack up.

From concept to story line you might find a slightly scary moment or two in the movie. But more likely you'll be stuck with the super creepy feeling you've been tricked into watching a 'made for TV drama'. And that's the real nightmare of this screenplay.

It plays at being a psychological thriller while providing ludicrous, laugh out loud, exposition scenes which constantly try to explain the 'emotional dependency' behind the story line.

I just don't have a lot to say about this movie aside from letting the many 2 star reviews speak for themselves.

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