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If you're a 90s kid and I say "What time is it?" you should say "IT"S MORPHIN' TIME!" The theme song should be so imprinted on your brain that you're humming it right now, because Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was that show when we were kids. Since it originally aired in 1993, there have been several variations of the Power Rangers that never quite captured the original's magic. With a reboot coming in 2017, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie can either capitalize on the nostalgia or destroy our childhood worse than Michael Bay already has.

3 Reasons it will succeed

1. 90s Pride

90s kids are growing up and we are ready to tell you how awesome our decade was! Just look on Twitter for two seconds and you'll see all the "90s kids" accounts or tags. The pride is there! Power Rangers has a golden chance to capitalize on this 90s nostalgia the same way Transformers did with the 80s exactly 10 years before. The time is right!

2. A Fan Made YouTube Movie Broke the Internet

A gritty Power Rangers fan film dropped on YouTube and it had people in a frenzy! I got texts, twitter updates, and saw posts on Moviepilot. Admittedly this was no ordinary fan film. It was a project by Adi Shankar who produced Dredd, Lone Survivor, and The Grey just to name a few. SABAN demanded it be taken down due to copyright infringement but it is back online! If you haven't seen it I highly suggest checking it out! This is proof that people want more Power Rangers!

3. Elizabeth Banks is Rita Repulsa

Someone should get the casting director a cookie, because Elizabeth Banks, known for playing Effie Trinkit in The Hunger Games franchise, will play the main antagonist Rita Repulsa. In the original show, Repulsa was an alien sorceress who escaped the space dumpster that Zordon trapped her in to become the Rangers' archenemy. Banks will knock this role out of the park and I definitely cannot wait to hear her evil laugh!

3 Reasons it will Fail

1. Anything less than a PG-13 Rating

Everyone knows Power Rangers is made for kids, but most kids movies suck! Especially kids action movies! They're often corny, boring, and the action is silly. At best it'd be another Ninja Turtles but even that was PG-13! This would be the worst thing ever!

2. SABAN Is making a cash grab

SABAN didn't seem too happy with the awesome, fan made movie mentioned above, and that honestly could be because what they're planning won't be nearly as awesome. They might just be trying to squeeze some cash out of the once popular franchise.

3. No Green Ranger? BLASPHEMY!

Anyone who watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers knows the Green Ranger's story arc was the greatest! Watching a Ranger under Rita's control beat down the five heroes effortlessly was so much better than seeing the Rangers defeat a different monster every week. It'd be a tragedy not to include this story in the movie, but there are no signs pointing to him being involved. Maybe it's just being kept under wraps. Fingers crossed!


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