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The Revenant in the film version of the mexican film director,Alejandro G. Iñárrritu is a battle in many aspects.

An exercise that is bold and full of energy. Iñárritu marked with fire a new confirmation as a maker of powerful stories, also in his facets as producer, screenwriter, and former composer.

This time Leonardo DiCaprio delivers an impressive performance. A strenuous physical work and a formidable interpretation that seeks to plunge as much as possible on the skin of Glass.

According to my consideration it's a film held largely in a performance made with dignity and harmony.

For the force in their gestures, it has rhythm that goes with the plot. At the same time, it complements the narration in a natural way, more unadorned.

DiCaprio communicates effectively and convincingly the chaotic evolution of the character, only using whispers and moans, a great interpretive moments.

Also, this is a three-dimensional Glass, you can feel the bone, the meat and the pain. This moves and excites to the viewer, a experience marked by difficult circumstances that are not always visible or easy to see.

I think that the strength of Glass come to mean so much by the power of his eloquence. We also see and follow their progressive, in tearing out, living the limit of aggression and hostility.

A character who is driven by visceral, with vital instincts of someone who has nothing to lose. As it justifies in one of his dialogues at the end of the movie: The human condition seems that it leaves intact in the adversity in a credible way.

Through the expression of uprooting and the quest for redemption through violence and revenge. Finally, because it's a masterful interpretation that meets it's goal in history, which makes it move forward well, and which enhances it in many parts.


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