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As we know Negan will be coming to The Walking Dead with the return of season 6. He is evil and without giving anything away he is by far my favorite villain from the comic book series. Given what I know about him from the comics I decided to write a spoiler free article about who he is going to kill in the TV series. Why do I assume he is going to kill any of our core group of survivors? Well first off it's Negan, he is going to kill someone. Secondly if he is going to be the big bad guy for the next few seasons he is going to have to do something to make us hate him. Short of killing one of the core group there isn't much this group hasn't already endured that would make an impact. I also feel it has to be a core member of the group and not just a random Alexandrian. It will have to make an emotional impact not only in the group but with fans as well. The type of death that will have a lasting effect and fans rioting in the streets. So these are my thoughts on who will be the one Negan will kill, please feel free to comment and tell me what you think.


He is my first choice for obvious impact reasons. He is arguably the most loved person on the show by not only fans but the group as well. He is also someone who has shown a lot of growth during the run of the show. When we first meet him he is very much a scared child lashing out because of what happened to Merle. As the show has progressed he has become more confident and in control of himself. Think of the way he reacted to Merle's death. The Daryl at the beginning of the series would have blamed Michonne or lost control. Instead he grieved and returned to the group. He has emerged as a great second in command and guiding force at times for Rick. He is one of three people who at this point can ground Rick and who gives Rick counsel. Given all of these reasons I think Daryl being killed by Negan would not only galvanize fans in hating him but also give the group the proper motivation in going after him. It would also have lasting effect on the series that would cement Negan as THE BIG BAD of the series.


He like Daryl is a strong member of the group and has surpassed Daryl as the enforcer of the group. While I don't think his death would have the same impact as Daryl I do think he has developed a large enough fan following that it would have a big enough impact. He hasn't grown as much as some of the others, in fact quite the opposite he may have become more Abraham than he was when we first met him. He is louder, more brash, and is at time a whirling dervish of excitement and one liners. He is my personal favorite one in the show and I do not want to see him go but I think it would be a smart move for the writers. It would make an impact without killing off one of the top members of the group.


It would be a shame for them to kill Glenn off now that he may finally have reunited with Maggie and they need some time together after all they have been through. With that being said outside of Rick no other member of the group is as important to the survival of the group than Glenn. Now I know that statement may have some people saying what about Daryl, Michonne, or even Carol. The fact is he may not be the soul of the group he is the heart of it. He keeps the group together in more than one way. He still has hope and the fight to stay good people. He will do anything for the good of the group and has constantly risked himself for the greater good. While not the moral compass that Dale and Herschel were he is the one who leads by example. It would be hard to imagine another person filling that role if he was to go. For all of this obviously his death would make an impact but beyond that it would change the show forever and would be a seminal moment from that point on. My one problem is that they already did it this season and it would seem redundant to do it again.


I could pretty much just cut and paste what I said about Daryl here. The two have had very similar arcs and because of this I almost see her as expendable to the story. That isn't to say she isn't important or a loved person by fans and the group. Her death above anyone would effect fans more than anyone. I could see fans eventually accepting anyone else's death except Carols. We have suffered with her more than anyone. The death of Sophia, her growth at the prison, her banishment and eventual redemption, and then what happened at the cabin with Tyrees. For this reason I feel if they want to make Negan a truly awful and hate character in the show this would be the way to go.

Well these are the four characters that I think are most likely to be killed by Negan in season 6. Who do you think it will be? or am I completely wrong and no one will die. Please tell me what you think in the comments.


Who will Negan kill?


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