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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

The reviews are in! The embargo was finally lifted for Deadpool and the critics are raving about it! It seems to be basically what we all expected: loud, inappropriate, and gruesome. The critics not only got an early screening of the film, but also got to experience the film's post-credit scene. Marvel films are no strangers to awesome, revealing post-credit scenes, but Deadpool's may be a bit different.

Critics were gifted with one single post-credit scene after the film was all said and done, but that may not be the same when the general public goes to see it this Friday. According to the below tweet from creator Rob Liefeld, there will not only be the post-credit scene that the critics experienced, but a second one that was withheld from critics! What could be in store with two after credit scenes?

What Should We Expect In The Two After Credit Scenes?

With Marvel, and definitely Deadpool, you can never know what to expect going in. These two post-credit scenes could be absolutely anything, but I have a few ideas as to what we may see. We may see some introduction to new characters, and maybe even a cameo!

Could We See Wolverine?

We know that Hugh Jackman was present for some Deadpool re-shoots a few months back, so I think it is possible that we will see Wolverine have a little cameo in one of these post-credit scenes. Both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have teased it a bit as well, starting with Reynolds's hilariously accurate impersonation of Jackman, and the occasional selfie together.

I think it is very possible we will see a cameo in a post-credit scene, it would be pretty awesome!

Will We Be Introduced To The X-Force?

It has been rumored for a while that the X-Force will be a big part of Fox Universe going forward. Anyone who is a fan of the comics will know how big of a part Deadpool is in the X-Force; as both adversary and ally. People have been calling for Liam Neeson to suit up as Cable for quite some time, hopefully we get surprised and get what we asked for!

In The End, We Have NO Idea!

We really have no idea what to expect in the post-credit scenes. Whether it be purely comedic, or story progression, believe me, it will be awesome! I'm sure there are a few spoilers floating around the Internet about what the scene may be, but try to avoid those as much as possible. Have your chimichangas ready, Friday will be awesome!


What do you expect from these post-credit scenes?


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