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Wut up guys? It's me again! Now I will tell you which one of Jokers in movies was the best. There will be only three contestants. Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, that one from cartoons and Jared Leto from trailer. You maybe think it is too early, but it isn't. Let's go!

P.S. Somebody says that smile can heal. Not this time.

Cartoon Joker

We begin with Joker from cartoon shows. He has got the biggest smile Joker ever has. Yellow teeth and eyes with red lips makes him most extreme Joker ever (he looks most extreme). But his actions. Not so good. Many times he is more like some kid. But Joker is psychopath. Unpredictible. And cruel of course. So he is not our winner.

P.S. Maybe you now saying: "Wait! I saw good Joker in that cartoon movie about Red Hood!" Yes I know I saw it too. But it is only one movie. And it is not same known as the others here.

Jack Nicholson

"You may call me Joker!"
"You may call me Joker!"

I like him a lot of. Cause he brought us some part of Joker that Heath didn't. His colours and his jokes. His acting was pretty good. Suit too. But he wasn't so psychopatic and cruel like others. But he is AWESOME!

Heath Ledger

"Why so serious?"
"Why so serious?"

And after this one I think shitstorm will begin. Or maybe not. Just kidding. A lot of people loves him. Maybe it is because he died short after, but that is only small part of it. It is through his acting. So realistic. He gave Joker his unpredictibility. And he was a total psychopath. But he was missing jokes. His look was different then ever before. But not bad. There were some jokes but not a lot of. And he wasn't looking like mad and crazy. He was looking like mad, but it wasn't typical Joker madness. Rest in peace.

Jared Leto

Many people says he will be the worst Joker ever. But they are wrong. He is maybe not traditional one, but Heath wasn't too. One the begining of The Dark knight many people says that Heath is a bad choice. And now thay say he is awesome. Jared will be first psychopath here. Yes Heath was kind like psychopath, but Leto will be thy Joker style psychopath. Now we know nothing about his acting in movie, but I think he will be awesome. And he is maniac.

And now you maybe asks why there wasn't Romero Joker or the older ones. It is simple. They aren't Jokers. They are like clowns. But not that clowns killing people in sleep. Too much colors. And not enough of being cruel.

So now you know.

See ya again bitches with another post. No. I'm just kidding. See ya!


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