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Audiences were first introduced to a film adaptation of the classic Parker Brothers murder-mystery game, Clue, back in 1985. Despite having a cast of comedic stars such as Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, and Martin Mull, the film was basically a flop at the box office and somewhat fell on its face. However, a continued cult following of the murder-comedy has kept it alive for 30-years and it has began slowly rising in cult popularity. Even with that there are still many people who have never sat down to watch Clue.

With this article, we will talk about five main points that make Clue not only a classic, but a great movie in general. If you are one of the many who haven't seen this movie, I highly advise finding it online, or just buying it cheap on Amazon, because it's truly a comedic gem.

5. They successfully made a board game come to life

The overall concept from the board game could have been taken in multiple directions, but the choice to have the famous game characters appear at a dinner party in the house was the best choice. Upon arrival, they must come together with the house staff to solve a fast-declining murderous rampage.

They also managed to keep the unique essence of the board game by keeping the character names as well as the original setting and. When the guests begin to arrive and explore this large home, you find that it contains the classic settings such as the kitchen, the ball room, the conservatory, the library, and the lounge. And yes, all of the weapons are there in case you were wondering.

4. The cast is perfect!

In addition to the concept is it's silly enough to make the comedy within the dialogue work perfectly. In addition to hilarious situations and dialogue, it has a great comedic cast to play it out. Christopher Lloyd perfectly portrays a creepy, touchy Professor Plum while Michael McKean pulls off the timid Mr. Green. After learning all of these characters are rather despicable human beings, you either develop a love or hate relationship with them and that adds to the fun.

They also made the correct choice to add in new characters not in the original board game to throw off any predictions. In addition to the classic game characters there is Yvette the maid, Wadsworth the butler, Mr. Boddy, a cook, an unexpected party crasher, and an overly curious police officer.

3. The story is tacky and silly, but it's supposed to be

Many viewers would write off a plot that seemed overly tacky and stupid. It can also be argued that Clue is no one's favorite board game in comparison to bigger ones like Monopoly or Risk. However in a situation like this, comedy is necessary to keep the story moving and to make you like a group of rather terrible people. The jokes are silly, the character actions are campy, and the murder-mystery situation makes you feel like you're at one of those dinner theaters where you make it through the night by laughing with a glass of wine.

2. The dialogue is incredibly quotable

Whether it's talking about Communism being just a red herring or how the sight of someone you hate makes flames on the side of your face, Clue is full of classic dialogue. The characters are funny on their own, but the somewhat whimsical way their dialogue is delivered both alone and between each other is just plain amazing.

"Oh! Who cares? That guy doesn't matter! Let him stay locked up for another half an hour. The police will be here by then and there are two dead bodies in the study!"

What can we say? We had to stop her screaming.

1. Having three different endings keeps you suspicious

Anyone who has ever played Clue with family or friends knows that it's one of those games that is different each time you play. No matter who is playing, you will always get a different outcome and this movie contains the same sense of random selection. In addition to constantly flipping your predictions upside down as the plot unravels, it treats viewers to three different endings to further play with your mind. Was it Mrs. Peacock in the billiard room with the wrench? Or was it Colonel Mustard in the hall with the dagger? You won't know until the very end.


Who is your favorite Clue character?


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