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It is safe to say that we are living in the golden age of the superhero genre. The X-Men, the Avengers and soon the Justice League are proliferating on our screens, and each year a new batch of superhero movies is presented to us.

Studios are planning so far ahead that we already know what movies are coming for the next five years. 2016 will be a really busy year but 2017 won't be outdone. Indeed, no less than eight superhero movies are planned for the coming year. Frankly, I'm just too happy to see all those movies on screen.

Here's my personal ranking of all eight planned movies, unless there are any last-minute changes obviously. This list is totally subjective and represents my own opinion, so please don't take it as a fact.

8- Lego Batman Movie

That is not the movie I'm anticipating the most, but it is Batman right ? While mainly known for its toys, Lego made a name for itself comically reprising the most beloved movie franchises in their video games. It's natural that the brand capitalized on this success by making its own movie. The Lego Movie was surprisingly a really entertaining film, so much so that a Batman spin-off and a sequel are planned for 2017 and 2018 respectively.

This first movie introduced us to Lego Batman, a really different version of the Dark Knight. This Batman was more of bad-boy, confident and a little bit of a narcissistic jerk. Chris Miller and Phil Lord described him as "very self-aware." This is a really bold take on the character and the movie promises to be a really funny ride.

7- Power Rangers

The Power Rangers are superheroes right ? They are protecting the world from evil forces by tapping into the Morphin Grid and all have secret identities. They look like superheroes to me.

When I heard that the 20th Century Fox was planning a reboot of the famous franchise on the big screen, I was honestly skeptical. I loved the Power Rangers as a kid but when you get past that age you are starting to see the program for what it is: purely a kid's TV show.

However, the movie will be a different take on the original Morphin Power Rangers and will be much more open to a wider audience. I always imagined what the Power Rangers would be like if it was adapted for a more grown-up audience. This reboot should offer us what some fans were expecting and maybe will awaken some childhood memories.

6- Thor Ragnarok

Thor hasn't been the most successful Avenger both critically and at the box-office. Despite having a terrific antagonist in the form of Loki, the Thor movies felt overwhelming and not ambitious enough despite the stakes.

Marvel well understood the issue with the God of Thunder and will try not to fail this time. Ragnarok will see Thor teaming-up with the Green Goliath Hulk. It seems to be an attempt from Marvel to reconcile with fans, who where left disappointed for the most part by the last two Thor movies.

Given that Marvel can't use Hulk in a solo movie because of rights issues, having him teaming-up with another Avenger was probably the best option to not waste the character's potential by only using him in Avengers movies. Besides, it's probably the closest thing we'll get to Planet Hulk, so it is definitely worth a watch.

5- Wolverine 3

The two first Wolverine solo movies were nothing but a disappointment. And that's a shame, as Hugh Jackman made Logan the face of the X-Men for the past 16 years. The actor hinted that this third Wolverine could be his last before hanging up the claws.

Very little is known about the movie's story, but honestly does it matter ? We are preparing to maybe see Wolverine for the last time and I have faith that everyone involved in the movie will put their best effort into providing us a wonderful farewell to a very beloved character. For this reason alone it's worth seeing it.

4- Spider-Man Reboot

Fan-made image
Fan-made image

Spider-Man is probably the character who has known the most adaptations since 2002. Tom Holland will be the new head of the Spider-Man franchise and will embody a much younger Peter Parker than in previous adaptations. The new film will normally skip the origin story of Peter, that we had time to discover over and over through two incarnations.

This new reboot of the Web-Slinger promises to be much more ambitious and imposing than its predecessors. Indeed Spidey is finally joining the Avengers family and will be one of the latest additions to its already huge universe. If you can't wait to see the new Spider-Man in action you will soon have a first look at him in Captain America Civil War planned for this May 2016!

3- Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol.2

Guardians Of The Galaxy was probably the most surprising movie Marvel made these past few years. While adapted from an obscure comic, GOTG became one of Marvel's most successful franchises, making its sequel one of the most anticipated movies of 2017.

James Gunn introduced us to a new corner of the Marvel Universe involving space and aliens, featured the ultimate big bad Thanos and also brought some levity thanks to its talking raccoon and 70's-80's soundtrack. And honestly, Star-Lord saved a planet by dancing to O-o-h Child, how awesome is that ?

2- Wonder Woman

DC was a little late to the party but better late than ever. Batman v Superman and the Suicide Squad will open hostilities this year and Wonder Woman will have its big debut next year.

Wonder Woman is one of the most powerful superheroes of all time regardless of DC or Marvel. Yet her first and only real adaptation was back to 1975 in the TV show starring Lynda Carter. That's a long time for the Amazing Amazon, while other heroes had multiple adaptations in the meantime.

So that's a big event for any comic-book fan! I have high expectations for WW as it will be the first superhero movie with a female lead. Plus, a part of the movie will deeply explore WWI, a war significantly forgotten in favor of WWII. It is a big breath of fresh air for the cinema landscape to explore this important event.

1- The Justice League Part One

My choice for the number one slot is obvious. A Justice League movie was heavily expected by every DC fan. The need for such a reunion became even more pressing with the success of the Avengers on the big screen.

Back in 2007 George Miller developed a Justice League Mortal movie that never saw the light of day and probably allowed this new DCEU to be born. I don't mind waiting a few years if it gives us the best possible version of our heroes.

Nothing has leaked about the plot given that Batman v Superman hasn't even been released yet. Anyway, I don't need much to be hyped about it and everyone will grow even more excited as new info and teasers drop about the movie. Meanwhile, there are already three DC movies coming to make us wait. That's a lot more than we could have said a few years ago.

While I'm expecting some movies more than others, I'll probably see them all at the end. See you in 2017!


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