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Everyone loves the bad boys they see in movies and TV shows. Being in a biker gang has turned extremely hot in the past couple of years with the help of Sons of Anarchy. Not only that but I've quickly realized that this whole crazy bad boy almost always involves A-list actors to play the part. Maybe not the best image to set for our generations to come, but hey as long as the show keeps getting five-star ratings, who really cares? Below you will find my personal favorite grunge to heart-throb examples.

Charlie Hunnam: Sons of Anarchy vs. The Ledge

Sons of Anarchy is an amazing story, featuring my favorite grungy guy Charlie Hunnam. This is one of those shows where you don't know what our Sons will do next. Sons of Anarchy can go from really dark to hilarious in just a few moments, and Charlie Hunnam plays Jax - you want to love him but you also don't know if you should hate him.

The Ledge opens up Charlie Hunnam to the hopeless romantic type of guy which may be why in the casting for Fifty Shades of Gray he was nominated. Once you're introduced to someone in a show like Sons of Anarchy it's a bit difficult to imagine them any other way. I'm here to say though, that Charlie Hunnam did absolutely amazing as the man next door.

Xavier Samuel: Plush vs. Adore

Living the life of a superstar can be glamorous and exciting. Nothing is more exciting than a new lover, but what if your new romance quickly became a nightmare? Plush shines a light on how far some people will go to get your attention. Xavier Samuel plays the part of the sexy crazy fan, and he does it very well. Taking stalker to a whole different level.

Some people may think this story goes a bit far with the relationship involving mothers and sons, but it turned out to be a great love story. Adore opens a doorway for single moms out in the world, that they probably never thought of. Xavier plays Ian, the son of Lil (Naomi Watts) and is absolutely irresistible with his chiseled abs and blonde hair.

Johnny Depp: Sweeny Todd vs. Benny and Joon

Sweeny Todd is a movie about Bejamin Barker (Johnny Depp) seeking revenge on Judge Turpin (Alan Rickman) who stole his wife. It's far from a love story but Johnny Depp takes revenge to the next level. Despite playing as a serial killer, you still find the heart to love every aspect of him.

Benny & Joon is a heartfelt movie, where you get to see Johnny Depp in a vulnerable state. You usually see Johnny in different things that are funny without a serious plot. He always seems to be ready to crack a joke. Though in Benny and Joon you get a fun loving Johnny Depp. Definitely a must see.

James McAvoy: Filth vs. Atonement

James McAvoy being absolutely vulgar is something I've wanted to see for a long time. Disrespectful, witty, and still handsome even with his bad attitude. Beginning his career in love movies, he has taken quite a turn with his new roles like the one he portrays in Filth. Makes you love him even more, especially when he's down right harsh.

Everyone loves the story of someone going off into the military and fighting their way back to their long lost love. The circumstances are unfortunate in Atonement when a lie from a jealous younger sister Briony (Saoirse Ronan) changes the lives of her older sister Cecilia (Kira Knightley) and Robbie (James McAvoy). Through flashbacks and dream sequences you fall in love with James McAvoy yet again, as he plays a man who loved deeply.

Ryan Gosling: Murder by Numbers vs. The Notebook

Many parts played by Ryan Gosling nowadays show a much more sinister side of his acting. Though Murder by Numbers is far from a new movie, it takes the top spot in my opinion as my favorite bad boy played by Ryan. Becoming a killer yet still being irresistible.

Every woman in the world wants a man like Ryan Gosling's character Noah in this heartbreaking movie. The Notebook has been one of the top sellers by Nicholas Sparks, and still one of Ryan Gosling's best performances of his career. I love how he can go from dark to romantic.

Out of all of these actors, we can never deny that they are extremely talented to pull off both the grungy type and romantic type. If you have a different favorite "Grungy to Heart Throb" I'd love to hear it. Give me a comment below!


Who do you think pulled off both part the best?


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