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As various networks continue to prepare and shuffle their decks of new and returning shows, it's interesting to see what kinds of new programs will be making their way to the small-screen. SyFy released the trailer for their newest series Wynonna Earp, and its's just as crazy, fun, and imaginative as comic book fans would expect. The tv series is based on the comic book of the same name written by Beau Smith. The show follows the descendant of a famous lawman and her adventures as she battles the supernatural as a high-ranking agent in a special unit of U.S. Marshals called the Monster Squad. Melanie Scrofano will be playing the title character.

Here's the series synopsis:

After years on the run and in juvenile detention, Wynonna Earp is finally coming home. The only problem is no one back home wants her to return. But when she becomes the town's only hope of eradicating mysterious demons, Wynonna must choose which side of the law she wants to fight on in order to clear the name of her legendary great grandfather Wyatt Earp once and for all.

The comics and the trailer presented for the series try to show just how troubled this character is, but at the same time they want to show how take-charge, fragile and bombastic she can be. In the trailer, you can see her emphasizing the importance of a special gun she carries that is every demon's worst nightmare when she is on the opposite end of the barrel. The main character also shouts out what could become the most iconic line in the series when she's in a club, in the middle of the dance floor and screams "Crazy chick with a gun!". Why she said that has yet to be known other than the fact that she is kind of crazy and totes a demon-killing gun around.

One key thing to note about this series it how it tries to blend horror and western elements together. The music in the trailer plays to that effect , as well as the brief shots of demons that are bound to menace Wynonna and her ragtag outfit of demon-hunting lawmen. SyFy is definitely making a push here with this kind of show, but will it pay off? There's been very little in the way of marketing for the series and it will probably be here in no time at all. As with most shows that premiere on SyFy, this one will have to fight pretty hard to remain on the air and escape cancellation. We'll see if the has what it takes to shake-up the small screen when it lands on SyFy in April.


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