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Hugh Jackman has had four skin cancers removed since 2013, including three on his nose and one on his shoulder. Most recently, Hugh had a sample of skin removed on his nose and posted this picture on Twitter to warn his fans about the dangers of skin cancer and how to avoid it:

Make sure to get screened regularly by a medical professional and limit your time in the sun in general.

In May 2015, Jackman revealed to PEOPLE that he never wore sunscreen while growing up in Australia and didn't realize the severity of the possible repercussions:

“I was trying to keep calm about it but it wasn’t until [skin cancer surgeon] Dr. Michael Albom really explained to me that what I had, in a way, was the kind of skin cancer you want to have if you’re going to have it. Basal cell carcinoma is just something you have to deal with. It’s cancerous. It will grow. You just have to get it out.”

Inspired by his troubles with skin cancer, Hugh created Pure Sun Defense, a line of sunscreen aimed at children to help make people aware at an early age of just how dangerous too much sun exposure can be.

We are sending positive vibes Hugh's way, as we can't wait to catch him in Eddie The Eagle, set to hit theaters the 26th of this month.

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