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In my search for cosplay originals, I find some amazing stuff. This week, I decided to include two Spider-Man crossovers!

First off, Luc Luzzo a.k.a. bboyspiderman on Instagram brings to life an amazing (see what I did there?) crossover between ol' Webhead and the good Captain himself! Luzzo is a cosplayer and professional dancer from Los Angeles. He has done a myriad of Spider-Man cosplays as well as Deadpool and many others. In a moviepilot exclusive interview, Luc stated he wanted to do some Superboy and Nightwing cosplays but his favorite so far is one he's been working on; Assassin Spiderman (which comes from a What if One Shot of Spider-Man vs Wolverine).

Luc's Assassin Spider-Man cosplay
Luc's Assassin Spider-Man cosplay

But, especially with the fervor over Captain America: Civil War, the cosplay Luc has gotten a lot of attention for is the aforementioned crossover between Spidey and Captain America.

twitter: @lucluzzo

Tumblr / Facebook

A cosplay that also caught my eye was a crossover of Spider-Man with the Green Ranger of the Power Rangers a.k.a. Spidey Ranger. Not much was found on the cosplay, so I would appreciate whatever info possible, so I can showcase his cosplays on my Facebook page : The COSPLAYOFF


Awesome, huh?


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