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Whether you're a fan of the Broncos or not (SPOILER ALERT: They won.) this post is for you. This post is not about the game, it's about something that will shape TV for the foreseeable months ahead. Yes, I'm talking about the Superbowl commercials of 2016. Some of these gems will live on for months as they interrupt our favorite shows. Let's look back on some of the best and worst offerings in what I like to call The First Annual NerdTranslation Superbowl Commercial Awards. Let's get started:

Our first award is for the nerdiest commercial. This ad not only placed it's product well it also tied in to a huge franchise with imagination, style, and humor. The award goes to...

Coke Mini (Hulk vs. Ant-Man)!

Our next award goes to the best ad containing serious subject matter. This ad focused on a serious problem that has faced our society for too long. That being said, it was approached with just enough humor to resist being off-putting and the humor enhanced the message where it easily could have disrespected it. The award goes to...

Budweiser Drunk Driving PSA

We've seen humor and seriousness, now it's time to focus on the cute factor. There were a couple of great choices in this category, but the winner was an obvious choice. The concept was great. The music was great. The "actors" were adorable. The cutest commercial of the night was by far...

Wiener Stampede!

Before we continue, lets take a moment to remember some classic Superbowl commercials:

The Force

The Best Part

This year brought us some great celebrity cameos. Everyone from Alec Baldwin, to Helen Mirren lent their talent to the small screen for the big night. The best and funniest though, was brought to us by one of Hollywood's most famous and revered actors. The best celebrity cameo goes to...

Anthony Hopkins in "Never a Sellout"

The award for weirdest ad isn't given out lightly. The funniest ads must be original. They must honor the sponsoring company. Most importantly, they've got to be weird, but not too weird. This ad was weird, but was funny enough to make that okay. The winner is...


We've seen the good side of the "weird coin", now let's see the bad. I'm almost tempted to add a new category for this commercial entitled "Most Disturbing Ad I've Ever Witnessed With My Own Two Eyes". The winner of this category is most definitely weird in a BAD way. The award goes too...


The last award goes to the best over-all product campaign. This product took the phrase "product campaign" literally. They even produced a trailer for the ad. This commercial had some great comedians and a great build-up of anticipation. The final award goes to...

The Bud Light Party

This was a great year for Superbowl commercials. In fact it was so good, I had to remove the real final category due to the fact that I just, could not, for the life of me, PICK ONE COMMERCIAL!!! So, in my hour of need, will you help me? Vote for your favorite commercial below and then share this with all of your friends so they can do the same. Which will you choose?!


What was the best Superbowl commercial of 2016?!


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