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With a star as well known as B.D Wong taking on the role of terrifying Batman villain Hugo Strange, you should expect something pretty spectacular. From the first photo and promo including him, it looks like our expectations will be met!

With the set up to Strange occurring at the end of the midseason finale, we've all been expecting the second half of this season, entitled "Wrath of the villains", to have a lot of focus on both Strange and Mr. Freeze, who has been heavily teased (rather punnily) throughout promos for the second half of the season. Check out the set-up for Strange's entrance below!

It definitely looks like Hugo is set to play a major role this season, what with him possibly bringing other villains back to life. It has been heavily speculated that we could see Fish Mooney, Theo Galavan or even Jerome return because of the experiments Strange is performing. Apparently he is trying to find a way to create superpowered people, and this is a perfectly viable way to introduce the more unusual Batman villains like Killer Croc and Clayface! But back to Wong as the creepy villain, check out the first photo released of him in character below!

Yep, terrifying and completely accurate! Wong looks just young enough to be an old man when he is fighting Batman in ten to fifteen years (presumably). With so many great villains already on the show, Strange will bring something a little different, and a little more unusual. These experiments could have serious effects on the city during the back end of the second season. Now have a look at Wong getting into action in this teaser for the second half of season two!

While we don't see much of Wong yet, with the trailer mostly focussing on Freeze, it looks like Wong will probably portray the calculating, crazy, genius that we are more familiar with in recent comics and games such as Batman: Arkham City.

So you should be looking forward to Wong's performance, though we may have to wait a little while, as it seems Jim and the GCPD will have their hands full with Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze) when the show returns!

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