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Radicandrea has a talent for making her painting look insanely lifelike and 3D. How does she do it?!

I have to admit, I'm rather jealous of this insane artist. I can't even draw a proper stick figure, let alone do any sort of body painting. I suppose that's why we leave it up to the professionals.

1. Robotic Chick

How does this talented artist make wires appear as if they're sticking out of her neck and around her face? I am officially in awe.

2. Slashed

Triforce? More like Tri-slashed!

3. Pinhead Hellraiser

She's making Cenobites look more badass than ever.

4. Zombified

The most savage of the entire wolf pack.

5. The Perfect Nightmare

Freddy Krueger has never looked so creepy.

6. Sally

She's falling apart at the seams!

7. Deadpool

This "merc with a mouth" is 100% ready to kick ass — and eat a chimichanga at the same time.

8. V For Vivacious

Looks like Guy Fawkes is coming up roses.

9. What Happened To Half Of Her Face?

Don't tell her anything; I heard she's two-faced.

10. Facebook, Literally

Don't judge this book by it's cover.

11. Shark Attack!

Hands down this is my absolute worst nightmare.

Radicandrea, I'm going to have to ask you to please bust out your blue paint and make me into Mystique, stat. I've been waiting to be a mutant shapeshifter for a hot minute now.

[Source: Imgur]


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