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During the 2016 Superbowl, we were given a brand new trailer for [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409)!

There sadly wasn't a lot of content that we hadn't really seen before. However, we did get to see the line-ups of and . The directors behind Civil War are the same team that gave us the amazing Winter Soldier in 2014. They are the Russo brothers, and they deserve huge credit for the thought that must have gone into these teams. The movie doesn't just pit heroes against each other, it divides them. Lets discuss the big divisions in Captain America: Civil War which debuts on May 6th.

Hawkeye vs. Black Widow

Hawkeye and Black Widow are good friends and have been for a while. In Avengers, we saw a deep emotional connection between the two. "Barton's been compromised" is the line that draws Black Widow into the plot. In Age of Ultron, we also see that Hawkeye's family are very familiar with Natasha (Black Widow) as she is one of the few who know about them. The two characters trust each other (relationships like these are hard to come by in the spy business) which gives each of them a very powerful weapon.

How will being on opposite sides of a war affect them, and can their friendship hold up? The fact that the Russos' have pit these two against each other shows that they are very in tune with drama and what will really captivate the audience.

The Vision vs. The Scarlet Witch

They are possibly one of the most well-known Marvel couples in the comics. A relationship between the two in the MCU was teased in Age of Ultron when Vision saves Scarlet Witch from dying in the destruction of Sokovia. Now they've each chosen opposite sides in the civil war. Will their relationship grow after everything's said and done? Will the 'Civil War', in fact be, the spark that starts the flame?

The Russo brothers must have realized that the comic fans would be very interested in these two interacting. I'm sure that questions like the ones above were expected and wanted by the Russos'. I have no doubt that these characters were put on opposite sides to ensure a high attendance of Marvel Comics fans on May 6th. Bravo Russo brothers, well played.

The Vision and War Machine vs. Bucky and Falcon

JARVIS (the AI programmed into the Vision in Age of Ultron) and Rhodey (War Machine) are Tony Stark's two best friends. They've been with him through everything. Bucky, Cap's childhood pal, and Falcon, his sidekick, have Cap's back no matter what. Do they all really believe in their friends causes, or are they following along? Will they find it hard to battle other sincere heroes like themselves?

If they are simply following their friends into battle, that would leave a lot of room for doubt. That doubt could move one or more character to switch to the other side. This would be a bold act of betrayal towards their friends. Either way, this line-up insures high emotional stakes and will no doubt, strain some of the core relationships of the MCU. If this is even fractionally correct, the Russos' should be extremely proud of their character building skills.

Iron Man vs. Captain America

This rivalry has been building all along. Tony and Cap had a couple of big disagreements in Avengers as well as Age of Ultron. Their polar opposite personalities lend themselves to being an incredible match-up. Iron Man has decided he can no longer be trusted to make his own decisions, which differs wildly from his original attitude of arrogance and narcissism. Cap was originally a soldier who followed orders to the letter. Now though, he rarely trusts anyone. Especially not Tony Stark who is credited with the creation of Ultron. They are two incredibly powerful heroes whose journeys have molded them into rivals. Who will win? Money or morals? The Russos' will surely do something creative with the film's outcome because, considering that the movie is a Cap film, we're all expecting team Captain America to come out on top.

We may not know much about Civil War, but we do know that it's sure to pack an emotional punch. Friends pit against each other in a super powered battle royale. The Russo brothers proved themselves with Winter Soldier. I'm sure Civil War will be as good if not better. Either way, I'm there opening weekend. By the way... where the heck is Spider-Man?!

Which Marvel match-up are you most excited for and who do you want to win? Tell us in the comments below!


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