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If you are a big PC gamer then you have probably heard of the game League of Legends. Now there are always so many mixed reviews about how the community sucks, or how it's so much more simple than DOTA. I assure you that even though both of those are pretty true, this game is one of the most addictive games to get a hold of.

1. Play styles

Whether you like to play assassins in games or be the beefy tank character, League of Legends has every kind of champion you want to play.

2. Characters

All the characters in the game are somehow intertwined with each other. Not only that, but every champion has a different feel to them and are original.

3. Great with friends

One of the most entertaining/rage inducing games to play with four of your friends!

4. Multiple game modes

Whether you want to play the standard 5v5 map or 3v3 map, or even ARAM (all random characters in one lane), there's something here for everyone. Every once in a while, League also comes out with fun quirky game modes for a month at a time.

5. Ever-evolving

The greatest thing about this game is the fact that the game is always changing. There are always new patches, new characters, new skins, new trinkets, items, balance, and etc.

6. Ranked

It may take some time but you can actually compete professionally in this game and make a lot of money if that's your cup of tea. It's a huge thing to watch on Twitch and other video-streaming sites.

7. Customization

Whether you want to change the skin of your favorite character, or you want to pick certain items/runes/masteries every match, that's up to you to decide.

8. Not pay to win

Yes, you can pay a lot of money to League of Legends, but the only things that you can really buy are aesthetics for champions or ward skins.

9. Strategy

Every single match you play will be different and you need to make strategies in real time for what the best course of action is for you and your mates. Sometimes you might make the wrong call and kill all your friends, and sometimes your decisions will win games.

10. Communication

The nice thing about this game as well is the fact that you can communicate not only with your team, but also the enemy team. You can also mute anyone at anytime for your convenience.

In conclusion, League has a few drawbacks but if you put a little time into learning this game, it will last such a long time. It will never get old unless you play alone all the time.


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