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With the second season of the hit Netflix show Daredevil set to arrive next month, it's always good to go back and re-live the epic first season. One major moment that helped turn Matt Murdock from the 'Devil of Hell's Kitchen' into the 'Daredevil' was in the final episode of the season, when this happened:

The costume is a vital part of who Daredevil is, and it was fantastic to finally see him put it on for his final battle with Wilson Fisk! But it is always interesting to look down the roads not taken with the shows and films that we love, and now we can, because the alternate designs for the red costume have been released!

The designs are both by Josh Nizzi, who has done artwork for films such as Django Unchained and Avengers: Age of Ultron, was part of the team of designers working on the costume that Daredevil would wear. It certainly changed a lot from his very first design! Check out two of his attempts below!

Design 2

It's fascinating that Nizzi started off with a suit that is very similar to the 'Scarlet Swashbuckler' suit, which is well known in the comics. However, as the ideas developed, he reached the second design, which is much more similar to the final product that we saw in the show. The showrunners have spoken in the past about how they think about two things while designing costumes, one is what looks cool, and the other is what's practical. It seems like some of the other designers may not have thought Nizzi's original design was practical enough, because it certainly wasn't lacking in cool!

Design 2

Moving on from those, we're getting a whole bunch of new costumes when Daredevil Season 2 hits in March, and we may see how both Elektra and The Punisher's costumes have changed from the comics as well when it arrives! Check the trailer for the new season below!

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