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Deathstroke is one of DC most popular villains in both the comic world and media forum. The character has become a fan-favorite on the hit television shown Arrow and also on the former show, Teen Titans. He also starred in a plethora of comic books and even has his own comic series as of late. He usually associated with characters like Batman, Green Arrow, and the Teen Titans. After that quick little introduction to the character let's get to the main point of this article. Deathstroke has been rumored to be appearing in the DC Extended Universe for some time now, and it looks to be confirmed by creator of Arrow, Flash, and [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) Marc Guggenheim. On Tumblr he responded to some fans question and when asked about Deathstroke here was his answer:

The character of Slade Wilson is currently tied up in another DC project. Walter is more likely.

Tied up in another DC project? This seems to confirm that the DC television world can no longer use the character since, by Marc Guggenheim's comments, that he will now start being used in the film world of DC. But what possible project could our beloved one-eyed mercenary could be featuring in? Here's some possible options.

Suicide Squad

Earlier last year there were heavy rumors of Deathstroke appearing in the titular villainous team up film. Rumors suggested that none other than actor Scott Eastwood would be playing the character and would be eventual member of the newly made Suicide Squad. Now since then those rumors have calmed down but that doesn't mean Deathstroke still can't appear in the film or be referenced too. He is a member of the team in the New 52 comics so it wouldn't be odd for him to pop up as quick tease or since the character has military connections and of course a history with Batman it wouldn't be surprising if his name is thrown around once or twice. Either way, look out for Deathstroke in Suicide Squad as there is a good chance he might pop up.

Batman Solo Film

Another film Deathstroke could possibly appear in could be the upcoming future solo Batman flick. It would make a lot sense really. Deathstroke has a strong history with Batman in the comic books and the two are pretty much equal in terms of ability. To put it slightly, Deathstroke is basically a Batman that kills. Now how big of a role Deathstroke would play in the solo film would be the real question. I don't know for a Batman film atleast if Slade could be the main villain for the entire film. He would probably work better as a supporting villain or a glorified cameo where Batman and him fight in the beginning for an epic opening introduction type of thing. Regardless what role Slade has in the upcoming Batman film if he does appear, wouldn't it be cool to see these two duke it out in live action like this?

Possible Teen Titans Film

A Teen Titans film in the DCEU could be very possible with Geoff Johns recent comments saying they have plans for the young superhero squad, and if your familiar with the old Teen Titans cartoon then you realize why having Slade as the villain would be a match made in heaven. For the first two seasons of the show Slade was the main antagonist and went head to head with the team specifically member Robin(Of course right?). For a kid's show Slade was still as ruthless as ever being physically and mentally superior to the Teen Titans. Just imagine a young Teen Titans team going up against a foe like Deathstroke who is practically toying with them in battle and get inside their heads mentally like he did in the animated series. Deathstroke and Robin have to fight in some type of live action form people!

Out of all these possible choices I have listed I'm betting Titans is the best possible bet. Not only do you have him as a main villain role but if he well received gives the chance to a possible solo film. But who knows when we could see the one-eyed mercenary pop up. For all we know he could pop up in the Green Lantern solo film and ride a cow in outer space. All I know is this..we will be seeing Mr. Slade very, very soon.

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