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I know the big question you may have is what is this show? Why is his name Lucifer? Should I even watch it?

Yes you should watch it. Yes he is the King of Hell (or was the King). Yes he is a hot charming guy with some great looking co-stars, well because lets be real, it is set in L.A . What exactly is this show about, read below to find out:

This is a DC comics based show (a little) along the lines of the brutally axed NBC show Constantine. Can you tell I am still not over that? For Lucifer, Fox has delved a little more into the DC world and brought forth a character called Lucifer Morningstar. For those of you who do not want to much of the comic book back background, yes he is the Devil, an angel cast out of Heaven, etc. He is based off a DC character in the comic Sandman from the late 80’s and he then got his own comic in 2001. Besides having blonde hair (he was modeled after David Bowie) this basic introduction we get to Lucifer Morningstar (I bet it will be someone's new screenname) is pretty close to the comic. For more info on Fox's Lucifer vs. DC's Lucifer check out DC Entertainment's summary.

Fox's Tom Ellis as  Lucifer vs. DC's Comic Lucifer
Fox's Tom Ellis as Lucifer vs. DC's Comic Lucifer

We see that Lucifer (sexy British Soap Star Tom Ellis) is a charming and sexy club owner in L.A with his devilish sidekick bartender Mazikeen (payed by Spartacus alum Lesley-Ann Brandt) there to help him manage (or supervise?) his Earth vacation. It seems Lucifer has become bored with his millennia of being the supervisor of Hell. I get it, who has gotten so bored with their job they just want to leave? We also learn that this variation of Lucifer is not really evil incarnate so to speak and he doesn’t have power to make you sin. He hast he power to make you confess what you most desire. It is interesting that the devil chose to have a British accent in L.A., which is totally working for him.

Just three episodes in and it has hooked viewers. This show seems to be a little mix of Constantine (Devil/Angel, charming British guy, etc.) and Castle (cute talkative guy who somehow gets to work with a tough/pretty female detective). Some us are waiting to see where the writers are going with the Devil vs. his Angel brother (Buffy alum D.B. Woodside) story line and if there will be more supernatural elements to this show. Some of you may like the real world story lines. Lucifer's character plays great against the no nonsense single mom Chloe Decker (played by Lauren German), who has her own surprising secrets. Yes if you were wondering this is a true TV detective show, each crime does get solved by the end of the episode! Check out this clip below, you'll get a peek at all of Lucifer's charms.

A big question perhaps the writers and Lucifer's demon sidekick will have us follow through the series, is Lucifer still the King of Hell?


So will you check out Fox's Lucifer?


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