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It's truly been Lady Gaga fever lately, hasn't it? I mean, she's been everywhere, not that I'm complaining. Coming back from the brink of extinction after 'Artpop' failed to secure the success her record company thought it should, Lady Gaga reinvented herself as a Jazz super songstress with a duet album alongside the infamous Tony Bennett, performed a breathtaking tribute to The Sound of Music at the Academy Awards, performed a perfect rendition of 'The Star-Spangled Banner' at Super Bowl 50, and she starred in and won a Golden Globe for [American Horror Story: Hotel](tag:3561561).

I think it's fitting to say that Lady Gaga is truly a woman of wonders. And because of her newfound success, I present you with the Top 10 things you (probably) didn't know about Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga.

10. Co-Founder of The 'Born This Way Foundation'

Alongside her own mother, Cynthia Germanotta, Lady Gaga founded the BTWF in 2011, naming it after her second studio album. The foundation aims to empower youth, build better communities, and protect and nurture those faced with bullying and abandonment. The foundation has become an iconic staple for the LGBT* community, of which Gaga is a proud supporter of.

9. Oscar-Nominated for Song 'Til It Happens To You'

I called this one months ago. When the song was first leaked onto the Internet following a showing of the film from which it originates, The Hunting Ground, at a film festival, I knew it was only a matter of time before she and the legendary Diane Warren were named as contenders for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards. Fingers crossed, but I think they've got this one in the bag.

8. Has a Staggering 12 Entries in The Guinness

It's no surprise that someone as talented as Lady Gaga has so many entries in the actual book of records. She is one of the best-selling artists of all time, she's the only artist to have two songs pass seven million downloads, and was once named the second most influential person of the past decade. And you can take all that to the bank. Whatever that means...

7. Godmother to Elton John's Son, Elijah

It's no secret that Sir. Elton loves him some Gaga. They've performed live together numerous times, collaborated on film soundtracks, and Elton is even working with Gaga on her forthcoming fifth studio album. He showed the world just how much he loved and trusted her when he named her godmother to his son, Elijah in 2013.

6. She Lives By the Motto "Life Is A Performance"

I'd say she's taking that motto to its fullest potential. Lady Gaga wears her emotions on her sleeve... and everywhere else. She shows the world how she feels in every performance, whether it's on stage to millions of adoring fans or on TV, computer, and mobile screens all over the world with her unique spin on classic music video formats.

5. She's Engaged to 'Chicago Fire' Star Taylor Kinney

They met on the set of her music video for 'You and I' from her second studio album, 'Born This Way'. She's stated that there was a connection between the two of them that she felt was more real than the characters they were portraying in the video. She later admitted to Ellen Degeneres that the reason they work so well is because they compliment each others weirdness. Kinney proposed to Gaga in February 2015, their wedding is set to take place with family and friends and the legendary Tony Bennett set to perform.

4. She Really Loves Her Fans

All artists say they love their fans' and for most of them, it's true, of course. But with Lady Gaga, it is absolutely undeniable. She knows and will state openly and proudly that where she is, she wouldn't be without her beloved fan base. Everything she does, she does for them. The elaborate shows are one way she pays them back for all they've given her. If you've ever seen one, you know that nobody does it like Gaga. She once even spent a thousand dollars on pizza for fans of hers that were waiting in line to see her.

3. Stage Name Comes from Queen's 'Radio Ga Ga'

Lady Gaga has stated in the past how big of an influence that Queen has been on her career and her music style. Her third studio album, 'Artpop', pays homage to the group with its title track. In her song 'You and I' the beat can be put to tune of 'We Will Rock You'.

2. Offered The Role of The Blue Fairy on 'Once Upon A Time'

However, the creative team behind the fairytale drama never heard back from Gaga's management team. The role was filled by actress Keegan Connor Tracy who has played it since the pilot episode aired in 2011.

1. Considered for Role of Selina Kyle in 'Dark Knight Rises'

I was surprised when I found this one out. I never imagined her as a possible candidate to fill the big gaping shoes left by Michelle Pfeiffer. Anne Hathaway did an... okay job when she played the feline fanatical villain, but was still unable to overcome the challenge that only Halle Berry faced before her, to devastating results. One can only imagine how Lady Gaga would've portrayed the character had she been cast, maybe better than the polarizing performance given by Hathaway, but maybe worse. The world will never know.


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